Lunar New Year 2019 Lottery (It's more of a drawing than a lottery.)

Here are the guidellines for the Lunar New Year 2019 Event!

  1. The guild will start the pot with 88 gold.
  2. 88 silver per ticket.
  3. 20 tickets maximum per day and 340 maximum tickets total for the event.
  4. Three winners will be drawn. If the pot reaches 888+ gold, four winners will be drawn.
    a. First will receive 50% of the pot
    b. Second will receive 30% of the pot
    c. Third will receive 20% of the pot.
    d. Conditionally, first – 42%, second – 28%, third – 18%, and fourth – 12%.
  5. Tickets can be purchased January 1, 2019 through February 3, 2019.
  6. You can purchase tickets from Kyp, Lupini, Mosselyn, or Scuzz. We will document everyone’s entries in a spreadsheet by the date the entries are received.
  7. Drawing will be on February 5, 2019. This should coincide with the beginning of the in game Lunar New Year event. (I think)

FYI, it’s the year of the pig. Oink!

Get your YotP tickets. You want enough gold to buy Divine Lucky Envelopes everyday. With some luck you can make more gold.

Newb question: Do I mail the coins to one of the above, or put them in the guild bank?

Send coin to me, Scuzz, Lupini, or Mosselyn with how many tickets you want. They are 2 for 1 now.


Thank you to all that participated. The drawing will be tomorrow night between 7 and 8 pm CST if anyone wants to attend.

Here are the winners!

  1. Fuse
  2. Tyiey
  3. Zangria
  4. Spoon

Congrats to the winners!

Nice going, winners!