LTI vs Monthly insurance and how it counts down

Found this in a spectrum post:
As of June 2018 insurance will count down in real world time. 6 months SHI will be 6 months of real world time NOT game time/time logged only while playing. Indeed, CIG was discussing using game-time, but they go into good detail in the video regarding their reasoning on their decision.

I was a bit surprised that it is not in game time but real world time. Now I wonder when it starts counting.

I hope it’s when you “unpack” the ship and not “launch day”.

Yeah that is my concern, but we will see.

Actually, I’m all LTI, so not really with the caring. LTI didn’t used to mean a lot to me until I realized that, with 80+ ships, there was a very real possibility that 72 month insurance would run out before I got to play some of the ships :stuck_out_tongue:

Of my 34 ships, 3 are non-LTI

My reward Gladius, which is getting LTI soon.
My Sabre Raven which is 3 month and not eligible for LTI in any way, shape or form.
My Mustang Beta which I have for kicking around the verse and may likely get rid of now that the 300 series is up to par.

Other than that I am all LTI and I would not even consider owning a ship over $100 without it.

My F8C, my 800i, and my Raven are not, so 3 for me as well.

is that an 890 or a 600 ?

Not aware of an 800i :wink:

The F8C will be getting LTI at a alter date, so that one is covered.

Sorry, not had my tea yet. 890j :stuck_out_tongue: My 600s have LTI.

Good to hear about the F8C, I enjoy that ship a lot.

You know, an 800 would actually be a really cool Origin cargo ship.

800 series could be similar in size to the Hull line, but with internal storage.

I can see the line up in my mind…

  • 800 base model with storage between a Hull C and D
  • 815 model for long range hauling, similar cargo to C but with bigger fuel tanks
  • 825 model for delivery into war zones, with less cargo space but heavy armor and shields
  • 850 model for quick delivery, similar cargo to the 825 but 4x engines for ship go zoooooom

All of them about the size and shape of the 890 so that they fit in a single line of ships.

Then they could retro in a 390 and a 690 that are both super luxury models of those lines.
The 390 would be the LX model of the 300s with all of the finer amenities you could imagine.
The 600 series would need a slight revamp so that the existing models have more specific roles and then the 690 would be the super luxury mini yacht with nothing but hot tub, pool table, wet bars in every room and individual cabins for all passengers, including crew.

CIG so needs to hire me.