LTI Ship Sale Frequency

So I was out of pocket for the entire anniversary sale unfortunately and didn’t have a chance to pick anything up. I’m looking at starting a new SC account and doing some prep on it for the 2019 anniversary sale. Do cheap LTI ships go up over the year with any predictability, or is it going to be a crap shoot next November in hoping a good LTI ship goes on sale day 1?

First, before you create a new account please grab a code from the randomizer, help yourself and a fellow OTG member out.

As to ships that are sold with LTI throughout the year, any concept sale typically sells a Warbond version with LTI. If the ship is also over $1000 then it usually sells with LTI on the store version as well.
We see one concept a month usually, with 2 a month in October and November and sometimes December. That has been the standard for the last 3 years and is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

As for getting LTI on existing, non-concept ships, that is normally only through special sales events like the anniversary sale.

However, it is also common to see a couple of “LTI token” ships each year at some time. These are relatively cheap ships that can be used to CCU up to the ship you really want. For instance a couple of years back the Dragonfly was a big seller because for the price of an Aurora you had an LTI token you could upgrade to anything you wanted.

Does that answer your questions?

Awesome Simdor thanks!

I already planned on grabbing a code for the new account so good there.

LTI tokens are what I am after. I’d like to have some going into the anniversary sale next year which is when I plan to build the account up with the things I like from alpha. I was concerned I might miss sales next year due to not having tokens on hand already, so I’ll keep my eye out for good token ships going forward.

Not sure if it is still for sale, but the Arrow is a decent token to grab now.

It is, but is 6 months now.

The San’Tok is available with LTI, it’s under 200 dollars warbond, but it a ship only not a package.

I checked out what was left, but yeah it’s more the cheaper LTI tokens I need. I’m a weekend warrior which means I’ll mostly be either flying small ships or warming a seat in someone else’s ship. There are several in the sub-200 category I want to pick up, and LTI is the only reason I’m looking at doing that by the end of 2020 instead of waiting until the game “officially” launches.

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