Low Sec Corp/ Corp using voice

Do we have any OTG associated… or at least friendly… corps that are in low sec. Or at least ar on voice. I’m looking for people to play/talk with and my hours are slightly different than most. I’m just returning to the game the typing all my questions is just NOT an option, not to mention few are on when I am on. Does anyone have some suggestions?

We used to have loose associations with a lowsec group and a wormhole group. I’d have to check to see if they are still playing the game or not. Liz lizardbreath would be one of the old lowsec players. I will talk to the wormholers but they are, understandably, more guarded and restrictive.

Kewl, thank you

The eve discord has a good recruitment channel. It’s the one link from reddit.com/r/eve. For most of them you can hop on their discord and chat with them before committing to anything.

Also reddit.com/r/evejobs has a good recruitment section.

Don’t blindly join a corp. Chat with them, check out their discord/voice comms. Groups are friendlier and down to earth nowadays.

From my experience it’s hard to find a good voice comms balance. Stuff is either earily quiet or obnoxiously loud.