Lost Ark

Lost Ark is going to release in the west in February. Its already wildly successful in the east and could be really huge in the west. Is OTG going to have a chapter for Lost Ark? I did not see anything in the forums, but maybe I missed it.

I don’t know if there is enough interest for an official chapter in Lost Ark, but there is sure to be a group of OTGers in the game and we’ll probably at least have our own thread or two in general games.

In addition to being housed under General Games, there is a very active channel for it on our Discord server. There is information in the pinned message there that answers your question with more depth.

I think we should add a forum channel. I think this game is going to be huge when it launches in NA. It already has over 300,000 concurrent users (3x New World) and that number will skyrocket when it opens on the west. This has the potential to be the largest OTG chapter of all, if we create a chapter.

This looks interesting. Feb 11 launch is 4 days after my birthday (shameless plug) and two days before the Superbowl that is the same age as I am.

Does Lost Ark have cake or hotwings, or both even?

There will be an initial chapter for OTG run by the General Games staff (Ben ea). This will of course be re-evaluated down the line, but we should have a guild presence at launch.

Yeah, I’m definitely going to jump into this on release. Look fwd to seeing you all there.

Ill be there for sure.

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