Loremaster Gold

Me and @Equator are completionists and we decided to go back and get loremaster. Let me say since they did the level squish or the party sync they have increased the gold you get per quest monsterously. I mean a go kill 6 pigs and you get 10g to do it and they are level 1 so breathe on them… Its well worth the achievement now, atleast in gold. Been kinda fun going through and smashing face against the low level mobs. We havent put WarMode on but that might be fun to do too. Expecially since the Alliance is killing off NPCs in Crossroads, but what else is new. Right now we have Durator completed. No achieve for that area, but we are really close to finishing off Northern Barrens.

got @Barbie doing it with us now, we are through Northern Barrens, and moved into Ashenvale.