Looks like they added a few servers in maintenance today

Hey kids looks like there are some new servers on us east with the maintenance and upcoming launch for the public.

Not sure we will repeat a new world in moving to a newer server??

I think that some peeps were saying making new toons on Avesta server was locked this morning before maintenance.

I am just going to roll with the punches here and consider that my ‘beta test’ if we do…but not really trying to start that conversation as I 99.7% of the time trust the otg process of server choice and all the work that goes on behind the scenes

Having fun so far and highest is level 20, if I could only choose a main and stick with it hehe

Yeah just saw this on Massively.

Lost Ark is adding another 15 servers in time for the official launch today | Massively Overpowered (massivelyop.com)

To my knowledge, there is exactly ZERO thought being given to switching servers. I don’t believe it’s even possible.

EDIT: This is from Smilegate, 18 hours ago

We definitely hear and understand the requests for a server transfer feature. However, as the feature does not currently permanently exist in any version of Lost Ark, this is not something we have the ability to implement immediately and we will have to work through possibilities for with Smilegate RPG.

Well i don’t think in new world there was a server transfer till later…but think they restarted completely on a new server because streamers went to the original and overtook the server and super long queues

NW had different issues, given that it was a PvP game at heart. The main takeaway from what I quoted is that we should not expect server transfers in future. If they happen, great…but don’t assume.

That complicates decision-making for OTG who haven’t already started playing. i.e. Play now on a different server, knowing they’ll likely not be able to transfer to Avesta, or wait until Avesta allows character creation for new players.

I wish I had an easy answer.

Yea it is not an easy answer for sure…

Another option(not sure if I said this in this thread)

Is for the whole guild to move to a different server but that has a multitude of problems too people losing progress…names…founders pack stuff

I think they’ve addressed the founders pack stuff and would replace it. But we’ve got quite a few members already at 50. No one’s gonna be willing to start over. I wouldn’t…and my guy is just 20-22 (can’t remember exactly)