Looking to return to SWTOR

I am considering returning to SWTOR after being away for some time. Older members might remember me as Dirtaysanchez, the one with sassy pink shorts.
I am getting a pulse how active the guild is before installing the game. Each time I log into Discord, not very many folks are playing, if at all. Is there a time when a small group gets on? Are they only doing ops? Anyone doing dailies or need someone to go along with story?

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Welcome back. I don’t play SWTOR anymore, but I do believe they are still fairly active just not in discord a lot. I think lagboot and the crew are still raiding but not positive.

Have fun

I’m active in the SWTOR chapter. There are people playing, just not hanging out in Discord. I don’t do Ops, but the chapter does them with another guild. As you’ve noticed, the chapter is very “quiet” these days - not a lot of chatting. I do see people leveling toons as well as playing max level ones.

We had a small group back in 2019, but work got in the way and I had to step back. I’ve since then lost connection and haven’t heard anything. About a year ago I ran into Vanos on Discord and he mentioned that he hasn’t heard anyone on being on either.
I simply wanted to run with someone to do the story and level a few toons. Basically have FUN. And if that works, maybe dip in to some ops.

Thank you for the update. It’s sad because this chapter was so active back in the day. We had a lot of fun.
Like I said to Lorantell, I am simply looking to have a bit of fun and level some toons. It’s nice to have someone to chat with and crack a few jokes.

We are on mostly on wednesdays, thursdays, fridays and sundays…you can message either myself or Elvis for an invite back into the chapter in game. We have several people who have recently either came back or are new join up with us in the past couple of weeks.

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I like to make an occasional comment or joke in gchat, but I can’t do voice chat and play at the same time (brain issues), so I stay away from Discord. I would welcome more talk in gchat, but I’m not someone who can have long conversations while I play.

Truthseeker! It’s been a long time. I’ll be sure to look you up if I reinstall. I’m probably be a weekend kinda guy. The whole work thing is a drag. Luckily only 12 more years until retirement :joy:

Looking forward to the possibility of having you back with us again!