Looking to join you guys once my OTG application is finalized

Hi guys, I’m looking to join you all on BDO and was wondering whats your main server? What activities do you guys do and do you do any grp content? I really just want a grp of people I can enjoy the game with… and tired of afk guilds. I’m currently at 502 GS and a witch.

Hello Rakar,

OldTimersGuild is typically found on Serendia 4 channel. BDO OTG guild is has 4 guilds - Blue, Red, Black and Green. If you are more PvP focused you are going to want to join OTG-Black, if you are looking for content such as guild bosses, sea content, and etc you are looking for either Blue or Red. Green is our AFK/Lifeskill guild.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Hope to see you over with us in BDO soon!!

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I would be most at home in blue or red for now but one day would move to black, I just want to experience all aspects of the game.

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I Feel the same way.