Looking to join New World guild/clan/etc

Greetings. I am fairly new to New World. I played a few hours in the first open beta. Additionally, I’ve played for the past two days for a total of five to six hours maybe. My character is at level 11 and I joined covenant for now. I am in NA East |Jiuyou|Arkadia Luft|. Obviously no issue making a new character or joining whatever world to fit in with guild. I’m not defined in what my role is yet but currently I’m enjoying the magical weapons the ice glove, the fire staff and the life staff so I’m like a hybrid healer / elemental whatever you want to call it LOL I don’t know the technical names for New World. Basically looking for a mature adult fun laid back but down to get serious once in awhile clan. 80s baby, Midwest here. Cheers.


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Im no officer (shiver… . what a thought) however I am going to guess that you arent currently a member of OTG based on your post here. I think you need to submit an application via:


Its a pain, but we all needed to do it at one point.

There also a bunch of information about OTG in the join guild topics:

Lots of reading, but its worth it to get a feel for who we are, what we are, and why Cef likes bananas.

Ok, maybe nothing about the bananas.

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Hey thanks for the info I appreciate it. I apologize if I skipped some steps and didn’t fully look through everything a little overwhelming on some of these forums/sites. So if accepted is that basically the name of the guild also in New World OTG old timers guild? I mean is OTG a blanket guild for several games and whatnot or are there other names under this main name? Cheers.

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New World
Dungeons & Dragons Online
Eldder Scrolls Online
Eve Online
Everquest 2
Final Fantasy XIV
Lord of the Rings
Star Wars: The Old Republic
World of Warcraft

Albion Private
Ark: Survival Evolved
Blade And Soul
Diablo III
The Division 2
Conan Exiles
Fallout 76
Heroes Of The Storm
Path Of Exile
Secret World Legends
Shroud Of the Avatar
Starcraft 2
Star Trek Online
Microsoft Consoles
Sony Consoles
Mobile Device Games
Virtual Table Tops
Survival Games
First Person Shooters

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Thanks Talos. Darn no COD: Warzone (Rebirth Island). :wink:
I do rotate with a lot of mature, fun and decent teammates. Oops, I did see FPS. Cool. :wink:

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Yeah, if you’re playing a game on most any platform, we probably have a group playing there too.

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Hi guys, I applied last week to join one of the Corp, not sure how I get my Invite, if I am not logged into game?

Post your in-game name in the invites-psi channel in Discord and someone will send you an invite. You do not need to be online, check your social menu when you log in.

thank you so much will do