Looking for suggestions

I am going to jump back in this game (after a long time), and am dragging my brother in to run a duo now and then. I am curious what folks thought a good class make up for a group of 2 that can maybe handle some tough fights? Just curious, thanks! :slight_smile:

Well I can’t really comment on duo classes, I just play a Guardian when I get into a LOTRO mood. On the plus side they put in a difficulty setting a while back that can up the Landscape difficulty. So you can play around with that to see what works for whatever two characters you end up selecting.


A dificulty setting? Thats good to know, thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve never played a game as long as I played LotRO… in fact, other than my Navy career I’ve never done anything as long as I played LotRO :stuck_out_tongue: I quit about a year ago because I no longer want to play at the level I was playing before but I’d still like to be playing and while I no longer want to be a min-maxer I’m not averse to a challenge.

Any chance you and your brother would wanna make it a trio?

Hi Zeetocht,

Believe me, I get where you are coming from. At this time, I am seeing if he stays interested, so I want to keep it small as he learns the game. To be honest, we are also going to be super flaky, as our games are likely to be spur of the moment. For instance we only played for maybe 30 minutes last night. I will definitely keep you in mind if things change, so thanks! :slight_smile: