Looking for some Package opinions

I am looking for some help deciding about a game package I’m looking at picking up. I am thinking of melting down my original starter pack to pick-up the UEE Exploration package. Looks to be a great “deal” in regards to ships that come with it. Plus they all have LTI which besides maybe the Carrack and Terrapin wont mean much since the others should be inexpensive in game.

My Current Fleet
Constellation Aquila
P-72 Archimedes (LTI)
Sabre Comet (LTI)
Starter Pack 325a

UEE Exploration Pack would add (Also includes Game DL)
Terrapin (LTI)
Carrack (LTI)
Freelancer DUR (LTI)
Dragonfly Black (LTI)
Cyclone RN (LTI)

All depends what you feel would be worth it. Remember you can always earn these ships in game :wink:

The Exploration Pack, despite its name, gives you quite a bit of gameplay. Both the Carrack and the DUR should be able to handle quite a few roles outside of exploration specifically.

Personally while I would love a Carrack, I am not as interested in the Terrapin, DUR, or Cyclone.

Yeah its kinda one of those things I’m struggling with because I really want a Carrack and Terrapin. The thing I’m having a hard time deciding is if it’s something I want bad enough to buy before the game comes out haha. I don’t want to buy everything I have an interest in before it comes out because then I wont have anything to really work for on release.

It depends a lot on what you enjoy.

For me, grinding away to earn the cash to buy the ships I want is not fun at all . I do not have the time or energy to do that type of thing any longer. In my old EQ days maybe, but that was 20 years ago.

For some, the journey IS earning the ships. For me, the fun is all in the roleplay once I have the ships I want. Sure there are some ships I am holding off on buying until release but that is more because they are not critical to my plan. The ships I do own are part of the character stories I have created.
I have a smuggler, an explorer and a crack pilot that I plan top play on my first three accounts.
The others are reserved for crew and alts that I have in mind but have not fully developed their stories yet.

In Star Citizen there is so much to do, so much to see, so many places to go and people to meet, both NPC and PC. I do not want to waste my time grinding out credits when I could be exploring the verse, or sneaking past military blockades with refugees on board or defending a station from pirates.
Sure, one might say you can do those things and earn credits, and to some extent that is true. But you can do all of those things and not be concerned about the credits when you are already in the ships you want.

The answer to your question, should you buy the ships before or wait to get them in game, is not a question of having something fun to do in game, it is a question of WHAT is fun to you.
If earning credits and working your way from nothing all the way up to a Carrack sounds like fun then you have your answer. Likewise if that sounds like a chore in the way of allowing you to spend all of your time exploring the edges of the verse in your Carrack, well then you have your answer there as well.

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Well I thank you guys for the advice! After much thought and consideration I pulled the trigger! I melted down my original starter pack and used my 20% off subscriber coupon. So all in all not a bad deal, if you ignore this is a video game :stuck_out_tongue: So now my current fleet is as follows:

Terrapin (LTI)
Carrack (LTI)
Freelancer DUR (will probably melt for something else) (LTI)
Constellation Aquila
Hull B
Sabre Comet (LTI)
Dragonfly Black (LTI)
Ursa Rover
Cyclone RN (LTI)
P-72 (LTI)

I now feel that my fleet is very well rounded and will give me just about any gameplay style I choose to play on day 1 while still leaving me room to grow after it is released.


Now you are well on your path to becoming a whale.

Just remember this, once you start down this path, there is no end.

You will be swapping ships and buying new ones and customizing your fleet until day 1 of beta :wink:

Haha trust me I know how that goes :stuck_out_tongue: I already did my first upgrade on the Explorers Pack. Swapped the Freelancer DUR for the MAX lol. I need to resist buying more though lol. Im not a huge fan of the Dragonfly. Atleast right now. It’s a major PITA to load into any ship with out going flippin crazy.

The DF is the only two seater bike, so it has that going for it, which is nice.
It is the Harley crossed with a Honda 4-wheeler of the Star Citizen world.
While it is a PITA to park right now, ship to ship docking/parking is on the roadmap for this year. So it wont be long before parking the Dragonfly, or any bike, will be as simple as clicking the auto-dock button.

I would recommend keeping it for now if your only issue with it is the jumping bean effect it has when put inside another ship.
However, picking one up in the verse later will be a minor thing too.

Morning bingo achieved! Caddyshack reference before 10am. Impressive!

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My fleet at the moment:
Aurora MR Game Packages x11
Super Hornet
Hull E
Mustang Omega

2 squadrons of starter auroras.
Planning on taking over a small village defended by children ? :slight_smile:

In all seriousness though your fleet looks much less planned and much more happenstance.
Like many that have collected ships over the years I would bet.

Yeah when I was streaming I “invested” in a large number of Aurora starter packages during one of the Anniversary sales to use as giveaways during my streams. Gave away 9 of them, still have 11 :slight_smile:

I bought the Tali and an Aurora LN during the initial Kickstarter. Tali to be my multicrew ship, Aurora to be my game package.

Bought the Avenger / Mustang Omega back in the days when Arena commander was all there was to do in Star citizen and you could only fly the ships you owned. Avenger for Battle Royale, Omega for racing.

Won the Kartual / Nox / Dragonfly / Archimedes in giveaways on various streams

Glaive and Hull E I bought cause I liked the ships.

CCUed my Aurora LN to the SuperHornet as a birthday gift to myself one year.

Haha I was wondering about the Auroras myself :stuck_out_tongue: Makes sense now. However it would be quite commical to see a hangar with a dozen or so Auroras all lined up lol

Might actually make for a cool photo/advert for star citizen. Even though they are starter ships and not that great. Just would be kinda cool to see a whole squadron of them in the hangar all lined up with the same loadouts/livery.

I have long wanted the Aurora to be useful beyond a starter ship.
I tried to keep an LX in my hangar for a long time with the idea that I would use it for simple transportation around the system. But I have the 85x and my Archie for that.

And then I tried to have an LN as a cheap fighter that I could fly in a pinch. But the 85x is a better fighter and with a second seat it has the potential to be a lot more fighter than the LN, minus the missiles.

So yeah, it is sad to see it happen this way, but once you are past the starter ships, there is never a reason to go back, barring bankruptcy.

The 85x is a better fighter? I’d never even considered it in that kind of role…

It has twin turret on the bottom that rotates 360 around and 180 arc under the ship.

Eventually, once it is “turned on”, we will be able to allow the passenger to control the turret. That is a pretty significant snub fighter IMO. Sure it is small guns, but if it can keep at least 2 of them on target at all times, that makes for consistent damage that will deter many would be assailants.