Looking for some easy going folks to pal around with

I’ll be 74 in July and have been gaming since my 30’s. I’ve been a member of OTG since 2010 and prior to that I was in a sci-fi gaming guild called All Out Assault (AoA). I went with a breakaway group of folks from that guild into late beta World of Warcraft and played that game pretty hard core for about 7 years. When that group broke up I joined OTG and played Lord of the Rings also pretty hard core for about 15 years. I got burned out and went back to WoW for maybe another 2 years. Sounds like I’m writing a resume, huh?

I’m actually wanting to be done with all of that. I still like technology and want to play games on a PC but without all the deep theory-crafting, min-maxing, spreadsheeting, yada, yada, ad-nauseum :yum: I’ve putzed around with ESO on and off for a coupla years and am now wondering if there might be some like-minded folks around.

I’m in the U.S. Central time zone and am usually on in the evenings.

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The ESO chapter is layed back and very helpful group of people. I enjoy playing with this group a lot and have been in and out of the game for years. And if you want to see the raid content…don’t worry about min/maxing or any of the hard core stuff. Just join the group once you have hit the min requirement (which is very easy to accomplish) and have fun with the team. They are a very welcoming group. The best thing I think about ESO over other MMO’s is…when new content comes out, it doesn’t mean the old content becomes irrelevant like it does in WoW and many other MMO’s. They just keep adding more choices for you to pick from depending on how you like to play. Which makes for tons of content to do and have fun with even if your new. And now…I have to say the game has so much content…you’ll never run out of things to do. They also give you tons of new things to do every quarter based on the story they are telling for the year. If your going to play a MMO…this is defiantly the game to play IMO. WoW and all the other MMO’s need to take some serious lessons from ESO. There is a reason why all the other MMO’s are losing members while this one keeps going strong.


Thanks for the enthusiastic reply Seanifer :smiley:

I played WoW when raids were 40-man and it was epic, I was dead-in-the-middle of all that! Then WoW went to 25-man raids which were ok but just not quite as epic. Raids in LotRO were also 25-man but even after 15 years of that it never felt as epic as vanilla WoW 40-man raids. So historically I’m a raider. But times and I have changed, what used to feel epic now feels chaotic and noisy. I’d really like to find a small group with whom to do whatever we want whenever we wanna do it at whatever pace we wanna do it at.

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I fully support Z’s participation in ESO. ESO is a heckuva good game, and Z is a heckuva good guy…but don’t believe him when he says “no more spreadsheets.”


Wow Dread, you’re still alive?! That’s freakin" awesome :grin:

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For the moment.

That applies to all of us, though. Makes us appreciative. :smiley:

Hi Zee! I’ve been playing ESO for just over a year. I was spending so much time just enjoying the story lines that just last month I bought my first house and began scrying. Feel free to check in-game with me and see what I’m doing on any given day. I play mostly in the evenings too and am in the Central time zone. I am @LisatheGeek. :slight_smile:

Happy early birthday Zee! Hope that you totally enjoy your time gaming and that you’re surrounded by OTGers to make it even more fun!

I’ve been watching for you, hope all’s well