Looking for partners for Warzone

New member (old guy) looking for partner(s) for Warzone and other FPS. U.S. Pacific time zone.

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I play Warzone often. Looking for people to squad up with. Let me know if you’re still playing Warzone.


I have not played Warzone in awhile. However, it would be fun to have a partner to play with.

I am new to gaming but enjoy playing and learning as much as I can.

I’m an OLD TIMER in the strictest sense of the word - I turned 80 last spring …

If that doesn’t fit with your search for a partner that’s ok. I understand.

Let me know what you think.


Age is no matter to me, just as long as the attitude is mature. Congratulations on being an 80 gamer btw. I will admit that a some bad language occasionally slips in warzone lol hope you don’t mind. I’m also currently in South Korea so we will have to match schedules. Let me know when you’re gaming and your time zone.
Off the top of my head my Acti game id is Volundr#7053436

I have several war games and FPS’ers but not warzone. I kinda gave up on them because I just can’t keep up with the young’uns … just too intimating and would get booted for not being up to par.

So, that being said … I’d be interested with teammates closer to my age (64) and skill level. How difficult is the learning curve, loadout, etc. I’ve never played battle royale.

If someone has the patience to guide me thru it for a bit I’d definitely be interested.

My Steam name is Tobor8thMan, drop me a friend request and/or look at my list of multiplayer games. I’m on pc and U.S. Central time zone
Cheers and give a shout.

I am also interested in finding a compatible playing partner. or partners closer to my age.

I have the following games:

Call of Duty/Warzone
Apex Legends
Halo Master Chief Collection
War Thunder

Got these to pl;ay with my grandkids which I do periodically. I have a working knowledge of most. but a long way to go to become really proficient. I’m 80 years old but still able to practice to get better with most games. I also have 2K21 Golf which I play the most.

Like with many of these games today there is a lot to learn. However, I’m not so interested in advancing up the ladder but just having fun playing. I have mostly played solo Warzone but having a partner would make it more enjoyable.

I’m also on pc and in the Pacific time zone.

Let me know what you think.

I’m into Battlefield 1 right now trying to get better. Great game and respawning quickly is a plus for me, in BF1 dying a lot is expected, the story tutorial even says it (btw, the single player campaigns are amazing and story driven, very immersive)

I read up on Warzone, unfortunately it’s Activision. They are one of the worst devs out there and don’t control hackers, punish your progression for not buying microtransactions, and just has a horrible business model. My experience is that anything “free to play” is actually “pay to win or progress”. I have War Thunder and tried Warframe. War Thunder wouldn’t fix that I bought upgrades and didn’t get them. Warframe is a money pit also.
OK, I’ll get off my soapbox, apologies. I’ve spent so much money on bad games, found out the hard way. Getting a bit cynical I guess.

That said, I’d like to give it a try since it’s free to start out. Does it have a single player campaign so I can get use to the mechanics, loadout? I’m more into the fun factor also, I’m not into constant weapons specs upgrades. I just have to figure out how to download it by itself (52gb) as opposed to the 133gb whole War Zone download.

Just a thought, I have “The Hunter: Call of the Wild”. I don’t hunt in real life but, this game is amazing. You get to hunt and track game at your leisure in beautiful countryside with all the nature sounds. Maybe give it a look.

I’ll wait to hear from you before I download. Apologies for the novelette.

Not to worry about your soapbox. I’m well aware of the limitations and problems with Warzone. I agree with your comments entirely. I play only occasionally as a diversion from some of the other games.

Don’t download Warzone if it will cost you any money … there are plenty of other better game s out there.

I’ll check out Battlefield I and “The Hunter Call of the Wild”. l did hunt and fish when I was a lot younger. If we find a game or two we both enjoy that would be great.

I’ll let you know when I have check them out.

Thanks for your response.

Forgot to mention; yes, Warzone does have a solo player option. That’s what I use when I play.

I didn’t find Battlefield 1 or The Hunter; where can IO ind them for Xbox?

I prefer to play relaxed and not thirsting after kills. Hav6a good tine with the team and some laughs is more important. I’m completely good with helping you and any others looking to learn the game. It’s free after all. For those who haven’t played it… there is a bit of a learning curve but after a handful of matches you’ll have the hang of it. My id is Volundr#7053436 but let me know your id as well… I get random friend requests that I ignore.

Apologies for the late reply. I was wondering what platforms you’re on, or are you familiar with? (Steam, Origin, UPlay, etc.) Those are for pc, I know nothing about XBox consoles except, many games will play cross-platform. I have most of my games from Steam (digital downloads, not on disc). The Hunter … is about $20 for the base game. I got it on sale with some included DLCs with starter packs and extra weapons. Battlefield 1 can be pricey but again I got a sale from a third party seller called “G2A”. It’s on sale for less that $10 there. I can instruct you on to activate bought codes. (not sure how computer savvy you are)

Also, do you have a headset and “Discord” (a voice server)? For me it’s the best way to play multiplayer games so we can actually talk to each other. My typing is atrocious . If you like casual, aesthetic, and strategy gameplay, I really recommend The Hunter: Call of the Wild (there is a early 1st version, don’t get that one). If you have Steam, send me a friend request: Tobor8thMan is my current username. I’ll check back with you.

No apologies necessary, life often gets in the way for all of us at one time or another, me included lately.

I use Xbox for all my gaming as my two boys and three grandchildren are all Xbox players. I’m pretty computer savvy, began programming in 1964 and made a living as an independent IT contractor after leaving the corporate world after about 12 years. I retired about 4 years ago. My headset and mic allow me to play and converse as well. I have no problem purchasing either or both games. In fact, I’ll do so today.

Thanks for your response. I think we can make this work.

Which version specifically of Battlefield I, I see many versions of tis game?

Same question re: theHunter, which version …

“Battlefield 1” (base game) (not “Revolution” version … it’s an unneeded cash grab by the devs) G2A has it on sale for the Origin platform, buy it from a seller with 100% rating. You’ll need to register an account with Origin to activate the digital key. (Buying it thru Steam will make it launch both platforms, Steam and Origin and causes major performance issues) The single player story mode is exceptional!!! and it will be like a tutorial on the mechanics of game play. In the multiplayer part, expect to die A LOT. You’ll respawn quickly, and just join your squad again. It’s fast paced, gritty, and don’t worry about kill/death ratios. We’ll get into that later.

“The Hunter: Call of the Wild” (not old version just called “The Hunter”) Get that one thru Steam. Once again, you’ll need to register and account with Steam.

Also, get a Discord account for voice servers. It’s the norm for playing with people from around the country and world. Not user friendly but with your background you’ll have an easier go at it than I did.

I’m guessing you have a decent GPU already (hopefully, because getting one now takes an act of God and 3 times the cost of MSRP … if you can find one at all !!) I’m running a GTX 1080 and can run most at very high or ultra settings.

Give me a shout when you get ready or have any more questions. I look forward to meeting you.

Maybe I forgot to mention I do all my gaming on an XBOX One. Hopefully that is not a problem if the two games we would play are cross-platform capable. I have no problem purchasing both of these games as long as we can play them together.

Am I right is assuming you are playing on a Windows system? Sounds like you have a SUPER gaming computer!

Sorry for the delay in responding to your last contact. Have had a bit of a difficult couple of weeks. But all is well…

My ID is SISUKII#2497496.

As you said, I too am more interested in playing and enjoying the games as opposed to making as many achievements as possible. And I enjoy meeting new people as well.

Hmmm, I thought you were on pc. Mine is a budget gaming rig that I rebuilt/upgraded. I have parts for another upgrade (minus GPU … I’ll have to use my 1080) and all the parts for my new future-proof SUPER retirement rig (minus GPU).

OK, no cross-play on either game, Battlefield 1 or Call of the Wild. Halo Master Chief Collection does but I’ll have to un-install something to make room to re-install it. I’ll have to research and see what other games will cross-play.

War Thunder is a possibility … if I can get into my Gaijin account. Their customer service is bad and I uninstalled it almost 2 years ago. Let me know and I’ll rethink installing it again.

I understand, I have been overly occupied with work myself these days so not online much.

I’ll add you and hopefully we can gets so matches soon.