Looking for ideas on how to game with one hand (right)

I just had surgery on my left arm to repair a ruptured distal tendon (bicep), and now I’m home and want to veg out and game. Is there a right handed model of the one handed keyboard like the orb weaver and the tartarus? I’m going to try using a mmo mouse (EVGA X15), but I’m not sure if I can map everything to it.
Any suggestions are welcomed.

There is a controller(s) put out by a company named Azeron. Takes a bit of getting used to, but I like it. Also a bit pricy, but I do believe they make their controllers configurable for left or right hand use. Maybe worth a look at least.


Thank you for the info. I’ll check them out. 1 minute later Yeah…I remember looking at their controllers earlier this year. Have you had any issues with your controller? Is it a pretty solid piece?

No issues yet. As I said, takes some getting used to. A couple of friends sent theirs back because they could not adapt to them.

Are the towers adjustable?


Azeron has a new one handed controller in the works to be released sometime this year … I think :thinking:
They have pics and comments about it on their discord.

They’re a bit out of my price range. I do appreciate the info though.

This might work for you indigo…

This may work. Just would have to figure out directionals. This is very overwhelming. I am very thankful that my situation is temporary, but the loss of my dominant hand is hard to manage. I think I’ll stick with point and click games for now.

Hope it’s not too long…I had tendon surgery on my right (dominant) hand years ago, and doing everything left-handed for 6 weeks was not pretty. Dunno how lefties do it… :stuck_out_tongue:

The doc has me set up to start therapy on the 26th of this month (surgery was on the 12th). From everything that I have read about tendon surgeries, I’d say that’s being a bit optimistic. Then again, he said he does 30-50 of them a year. Faster I get my arm back, the better. I’ll push through it. I’ve always had that mindset when it came to recovering from injuries.
I feel the same about my right hand…lol. It does not want to learn to be the more useful of the two. Stubborn…