Looking for help replacing my son's 32" Monitor/TV

My son’s Toshiba TV (monitor) model 32L 1300U seems to finally be dying. He’s having trouble getting it to turn on/off without using the actual on/off switch at the backside of the monitor itself, rather than the controller he has been using for years. We changed out the batteries on the controller but that did not work.

So I figured he has a birthday coming up in May and providing him with a replacement would be a good surprise. I figure this thing will last that long at least.

The current specs on this thing are: 120V 60Hz and 0.9 amps max w/HDMI connection only

Would appreciate any suggestions offered. I thought about getting him an Asus but there is no room to mount the one I was looking for so I have to see about one that has a desk stand setup instead (just like this current one has).

I use the older version 2k Monitor of this;

I picked up a 32" Acer for my secondary monitor last year and it is really nice so far. Quite affordable as well. It also has a desk stand included. It doesn’t have a remote though if that is a requirement.

32" Acer monitor on Amazon

He’s using a TV as a monitor?! :grimacing:

There’s a Samsung 32" Curved computer monitor at Walmart that’s only $199. Heck of a good price if you ask me.

Thanks, I’ll check on that.

By the way, if the remote control is the only issue with the TV - just buy a new universal remote since the original stopped working. It can be programmed to be used with the brand/model of the TV that your son is using. That would be much cheaper than spending $200 on a new computer monitor.


This is obviously a UK version but is described as a remote control plug which created a charge with a piezo electric crystal and needs no battery for life

About this item

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What’s his use case? Replacing a 9 year old, 720P TV/monitor with a newer 2K monitor might not be a great idea.

Assuming he’s using a PC, what are the specs?

I found out which monitor he was actually looking to get next month. We were discussing it over the weekend and so I just beat him to the punch. I thought he was concerned over the Toshiba but he’s perfectly happy just using the on/off switch on the side of the monitor rather than the remote. He apparently did not like using that.

What he wanted was to replace that old small View Sonic monitor that he picked up when he actually got his current pc. Can’t believe it was so old, but he was looking to expand into using two monitors of similar size and the old View Sonic was starting to fade and get darker, so it was on the brink of dying anyway.

So thanks for Zinra’s suggestion, he now has the SAMSUNG 32" Class Curved Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) Monitor - LC32R500FHNXZA he wanted. I got it on sale at Walmart Monday and it was delivered yesterday.

To say I was able to surprise him is an understatement. I am just glad to have managed to. Its a bit early for his BD but he did not mind.

Actually, he had the pc updated just last year so his pc is in great condition. What I discovered yesterday when the new monitor was delivered was that he wanted to replace his very, very old View Sonic monitor that was original with his old pc build. I was thinking he wanted to replace the Toshiba, but sometimes getting information between us to be on the same page can be interesting.

We do have a tendency to discuss things related at the same time he’s focusing on one aspect and I am focusing on another aspect. This time I did not catch on to it until he saw the delivery. Ah well, communication is interesting around here that’s for sure. It certainly has led to some hilarity and on rare occasions, confusion. Yesterday was a perfect example of both of our “com pages” slapped together to form a whole…in other words, the very, very old monitor not the remote or the Toshiba.

Haha, I understand. Glad it worked out! :slight_smile: