Looking for group for table top

I have played in the past but my vision is now back to about 20/20 due to Cadarac surgery. I have played D&D, pathfinder, Legend of the 5 rings. Deadlands, 7th sea and several others.

Let me know if any groups have openings. Thanks ahead of time. If none take care and let me know.

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I am looking at running something in a month or two. The Friday game I was DMing for over a year is finally over so I am taking a break for a month or two and then I am going to see about running another campaign or some shorter games. I have no slots filled yet as I am not sure exactly when I am gonna run something again nor what it will be yet. But I will be running something in the months to come. It will either be D&D 5e system or Starfinder. If the Dead Suns game I am playing in right now ends in the next couple months (which it might, we are near the end of AP 4 of 6) I will run that. I know it is not the most ideal answer as it is months off, but if you are still looking for a game at that point than I am sure there will be a slot for you. I’ll give ya another heads up when I am close to announcing it.

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k let me know ill be available. thx

Hi @Daelvil,
Congrats on the renewed vision. I have a Saturday night group that might have a spot if you are interested. We are using Fantasy Grounds to play DnD5e. We are alternating between PotA and an interesting homebrew campaign. Game time is 8pm CST with a 4 hour duration.

Let me know if you are interested. I will see if we can add a player.


that would work well. let me know the stipulations on the character build and what PotA. is I do not recognize the abbreviation. Definitely count me in for D&D at least. Would join the other too if seat is available for it too. Just need to know what gaming system.

POTA = Princes of the Apocalypse module/arc


Cool Thanks.

I will also need access for the vtt channel. would not let me join for i could talk. we will have it set up by next saturday. thanks.

I would also be (very)interested in a ttrpg campaign. I have pathfinder and dnd5e experience. I am willing to learn /play other systems. :slight_smile:

If I commit to a game I generally make all the sessions.