Looking for game suggestions

I just rejoined the guild a few days ago. I used to be very active in the guild for several years, and then took a break from gaming, with a couple of brief returns now and then.

I am looking for a new game to enjoy but there are so many out there now that it gets a bit confusing. The games that I loved the most were EQ2, EQ, Vanguard, WoW (before it got taken over by kids), and GW2. I know that OTG is still active in some of those, but now I have an iMac and I would have to repurchase any of those games again in order to play them. It’s also been so long that I don’t know if I even know the passwords anymore, and my email has changed several times since I last played most of those.

So I’m pretty much looking for something new, well, at least something other than games I’ve already played.

I’m not into PvP much at all. I enjoy crafting and exploring, and character creation. I’ve always tended to be a bit of an altaholic.

I’d love to hear some suggestions.

Get on Discord and talk to people, look and see which games are most active.

Just an FYI…

WOW runs on both Macs and PCs. So you would not have to repurchase the game, barring expansions you may be missing (and there’s the subscription). Sounds like you don’t miss it much but it might help sway your mind somewhat. There are basically 4 OTG chapters these days, Horde and Alliance in each of retail and Classic (which might be more of the experience you remember).

FFXIV… I played all those games and loved them, and I love FFXIV.

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Currently playing GW2, and imo it has some of the best exploring, crafting, and story…also has a lot of achievements you can do. The guild has quite a few members online at night and on the weekends.

You might also check out ESO, they have a ton of content, but the game just wasn’t for me, and a lot of people play and love it

I second Mae on the crafting, exploring, story part in FF14, which might be good for you!

I tried ESO and enjoyed it quite a bit. Crafting, stealing / fencing, the game is gorgeous, there’s events pretty much every month, quest lines that I actually remember after completing compared to other MMOs. Once I got into the later levels though is when I got a taste of the toxic side of the PvE and battlegrounds PvP. My last night playing was just unwarranted harrassment. If you got some friends you can form a 4 person group team I’d say take a look at ESO.

I’ve reinstalled “No man’s sky”. Haven’t played since/when the “Beyound” update arrived. Also been replaying, never finished, “Wasteland 2 directors cut”, and terraria(sp) is comming out with some kinda ‘Journeys End’ big patch in May next month.

HAHA if you wanna hard time try playing Ark Survivial. OMG I hate the dark, the pirahnas, the rain while it’s dark, those school bus length alligators. hahaha. jeez I had such a hard break in learning, what little, I know of that game. Also, it’s really beautiful.

There’s a bit map side scroller I’m thinking of trying/getting “Door Kickers”. Automatic weapons, flash bangs, Swat vs. Bad guys, pixelated blood baths. haha

If your looking for a MMO. I’ll see you when “Pantheon : Rise of the Fallen” arrives … some day.

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Thanks, Tpsabre!

I’ve been checking up on Pantheon every now and then for several years now. That looks really good. I hope it actually makes it to release at some point (soon!).

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Play Guild wars 2 Its a fun game.

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lol yeah you, me, and everyone else. (about pantheon releasing)

Oh, if your a "Mech , FASA , Battle Tech fan and you don’t know of Harebrained Schemes, who partnered/or was it bought by Paradox (publisher), they resurected both FASA Battle Tech (“BATTLETECH” and “Shadow Run”). There’s mod out there, don’t know first hand, that add alot to the vanillia game ie: engines, parts, weapon systems. I play the vanillia and just love it. Mechs vs Mechs … blowing through armour, ammo bin explosions, mech arms and legs getting blown off.

So add BATTLETECH by HBS published by Paradox to that list of yours.

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That does sound good! When I was in the Army, about 30 years ago, I was part of a group that played a lot of table-top games: D&D, ICE, BATTLETECH, Shadowrun a couple of times, and some others. I think BATTLETECH was always my favorite.

lol … 30 years ago I was departing from the Air Force. 87-91. use to AD&D, robotech, shadow run with a big group of Navy, Air Force, and I think one fellow was Army stationed at Naval Field Moffett Field. At times we had 1 DM + 2 assistants and like a dozen players. Far side of Moffett Field had these 2 big hangers … heard the US Army was out that way.

I was stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC from '86-'90. I literally got out three days before Stop-Loss (?) started. I think that’s what they called it, when they basically said anyone going anywhere, for any reason, was no longer going.