Looking for Clan invite for Division 2

Picked up the game last month when it was on sale for $3. I enjoyed Div1 but never got around to trying Div2.

Uplay - Longhorn_90
OTG - Longhorn
Steam - [OTG] Longhorn

Should be an ingame invite waiting for you, Longhorn.

To any other Division leadership seeing this post: the Clan#1 is approaching fullness of non-idle members. How do we want to tackle problem this time around?

Just logged into game and unfortunately do not see a clan invite. Do I have to be logged in at the same time the invite is sent?

Finally unlocked clans but did not see an invite waiting in the clan inbox. Might be that it timed out since it took me awhile to get that mission done. Sent an in-game clan request.

Found and accepted. Look for Clan chat now!

Thanks Lupos. See now that I am in the clan. Woot!