Looking for a game other than 5th edition (PST zone)

I am a very long time gamer, and am curious how a pug game would work. The good thing is, generally OTG attracts the type of gamer that appeals to me. I am used to my established groups, and want to see what else is out there. I am free Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday during Covid times. Although I can see it as a good learning tool for new gamers, I really have no interest in 5th edition, and would prefer something crunchier like pathfinder. I have used roll20 a lot to run and play games, so I am at least familiar with the virtual tools out there.

Happy to chat about it in a channel, if someone is looking for others. Send me a pm :slight_smile:

Also try the #virtual-table-tops channel in Discord!

Will do, thanks Splutty!

I’ve really enjoyed gaming with OTG folks. Starting off with a brand new PUG group can be tough but over time everyone starts to know each other better and the groups begin to gel. And the two groups I’ve been in have been remarkably stable.

Following up from some of the discussion in discord I will say that finding an opening in a group (especially for something other than 5e) can be tough. They do happen tough! Best advice I can give is to just check the forums everyday as new games tend to fill up quickly. Good luck and welcome @Schplam!