Looking for a few tips on my Nightblade build

I am presently shooting for this 231 point Nightblade build, and am looking for ways to tweak it.

I have 5pc Night’s Silence, and the rest Hunding’s Rage. My crafter is between 7-9 traits, so maybe I could try other sets. I like the speed bonus in stealth of Night’s Silence, so I want to keep that, but I am willing to swap in something else. My Jewelry crafter has a ways to go before he can make end game gear.

I really am enjoying legerdemain and Dark Brotherhood/Thieves’ guild.

My melee bar has dizzying swing, which I use to ground someone who is close or to open from stealth. I love Killer’s blade for finishing. I have been getting better at heavy weaving with it, and frequently I can stand toe to toe doing just that.

Shadowy Disguise is super fun. Great to dump adds when I have threat, and I can pop another with dizzying swing from invis. Took me a while to recognize I can just hit it immediately after gathering to gain invis long enough to transition into stealth, and move fast. This thing is great when I pull threat on dolmens, as I can just swap and go invis and let someone else eat threat for a bit.

I have been just using Concealed Weapon for passive stealth speed, but I am thinking maybe that is a better open than Dizzying Swing? I have been holding magicka for Shadowy Disguise.

The ultimate is Shooting Star. My open on a Delve boss goes: Leeching Strikes-swap-Forward Momentum-Shooting Star-swap-Endless Hail-Poison Injection-light-Acid Rain. This will load him up with a lot of dots and damage, and I can take it from there. If it sits there, it gets hammered by the Endless Hail and Shooting Star. If it chases, I can Shadowy Disguise and pummel with the other melee abilities, or kite with lightweaving and poison.

On the bow bar I have Soul Harvest. This is to generate ultimate while I kill adds with AOE skills. It also puts an assassination ability on the bow bar for those passives. I put on Camouflaged Hunter to get more crit rating with bow stuff. Seems to be fine. I suppose I can use it as a de-stealth.

The crafting load is there for hirelings and gathering. I tend to gather as I travel, as well as steal and loot.

Anyway where can this build get better?

Dear Snydelee,

Very Impressive, I haven’t used any of those programs for Builds, But I like how they look seeing yours. Thanks for Sharing.


I am pretty happy with the planner from ESO-Skillfactory. Seems like most of it is up to date, and only occasionally do I run across something that is not named properly. I find it particularily handy to create the full build, then remove points down to the present level of skillpoints you have to get an idea what to take next.

Dear Snydelee,

Once I finish with getting all 4 of my Toons finished with learning all Traits for each Type of Crafting, I plan on re-doing their Skill Trees.



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I don’t know how good this is or anything but this is the build I’ve been using and tweaking. It doesn’t cover all the useful passives but it SEEMS to work ok leveling up so far.

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I have been going off something similar. I think that Deltia guide is an older one because the skill namers are off, but I like how they describe the utility of the various skills.

I have been trying out stuff and tweaking this build I have, and it seems to be working really well for PVE now. Are you using any skills I am not that you think are pretty cool and useful?