Looking at video of F8 Lightning in game

I saw a commentary on the ship in the hangar as it was available for some reason for a time. Not sure how, not really concerned over that part.
But I noticed the weapon load out.
on wings, 2xS3 and 2xS4
Then a single S5 on the nose
And a twin S3 turret on top

That is a total of 6xS3 2xS4 1xS5
That is a LOT of firepower in a fighter. Scary.

I didn’t listen to the audio so there may be more info in the video.
Here is a link to it:

It’s supposedly a Size 3 ship, though, which means that, unless it flies twice as well as any S3 in the game, it’s going to be bodied by the sabre.

There’s no combat game right now; it’s just shoot, strafe, push, shoot. I’m hoping it can stand up once S3 and S1 ships and ALL S2s have a place in a combat situation, but there’s only one place - in your opponents face, never losing target until you get pushed and lose.

3.4 needs to be a miracle.

The flight model got pushed to 3.5

But I agree with you 100%
Combat right now is a joke. It is one of the reasons I am only in game about 15hrs a week instead of my typical 20-40

I’d be happy working on combat skills if we were even like the “John Madden Commentary version of Star Citizen” that was 2.6.3. I wasn’t satisfied with it, we have many more systems operational in the game, and it’s time for the game to be a game.

nuts - 3.5. Damn…

Truth be told, I don’t even want to do the missions, but I’d like to do more with the subsumption system, especially as a non-suspicious type.

Yeah I am torn on the decision to push it to 3.5

Part of me is glad they are taking time to get it right, as always.
The other part of me is thinking let ETF test it, bang on it for a month as is, tweak it as you go.
I mean it was playable at CitizenCon so there has to be enough there to test at least.

Anyway, I have never been really into mining or cargo before so now is my chance to really try those out a bit I guess.