Long Load Times?

I’ve started experiencing load times of several minutes recently. Just me or has anyone else noticed the game sitting at “connecting” for 2 minutes or more?

Yes, I am experiencing the same. Started with the patch.

Yeah I’ve been having longer than normal load times when starting up the game lately.

Yup, your not alone.

Thanks…I was starting to debug my network, bandwidth, SSD, etc haha.

Last few patches I noticed an increase in loading times for both account log in (your Ubi Avatar in the right top corner) and for the character select screen to load in. I have not seen the “Waiting in Queue” since this started up, so maybe they slowed down log in to lower that situation. Oddly I use that “lag time” to use my tablet Ubi App. Not seen a “reward” for the log in yet, but have been a few useful bits from the SAM part.

Same here since one of the patches the game has been very slow to load into.