Location update

I am currently in L10 on a ramshackle. If the winds favor me I should be in K11 tomarrow. Not sure how merge or change companies. I have a company of one called “the soulless.” Based on discord is K11 still the main camp?

Yes, K-11 (Cornlants Island, very NW corner) is where the Guild House/Guild Crafting area is as well as where many guildies built their first homes (some now have second/third/winter homes in other zones for resource trading purposes or amusement). The K-11 guild base will give you a safe place to log out, craft, build a starter home (the guys can show you where), hone your skills, build a boat using the guild shipyards, etc. Once established you can then branch out however you wish depending what skills interest you. But you’ll always have K-11 as a safe haven. :slight_smile:


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