Locating the space terminals! (and other questions)

Hi again, I’m having a certain (small!) degree of fun in the game during Invictus week, trying not to be deterred by the fact that we played for 4 hours yesterday and only completed one, solitary delivery mission for about 1000 aUEC each due to various bugs, crashes and mad physics. And I have a question, grateful for any help:

How do you locate the space terminal/ ports to land at places like Area 18, Lorville, etc? The city scapes look so similar and none of them seem to be signposted/ marked from the air. Anything to look out for, like landmarks?

I have been using maps I found online: https://www.deltaconsultingsc.com/

They have been updated recently so are pretty accurate

https://www.deltaconsultingsc.com/stanton-sfd directly to the Stanton System maps

https://www.deltaconsultingsc.com/nfz-slideshow the No-FlyZones Maps

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Thanks so much, ProfX!

I am hoping they get rid of the no fly zones in a future patch. They are an extreme navigational hazard at this time. You can request clearance to land at many of these places but if you do not come at your assigned hangar from the correct vector marked off by invisible walls you get thrown around like a rag doll. It’s ridiculous.

yeah it is a temporary “fix” for some of the issues they have with people parking anywhere they like.

In time it will be patrolled by NPCs … when they can get them to stop standing on the furniture