Locating a landing place at Arccorp

All in all a successful day. pulled out my 315P and actually got to fly! Took a mission to pick up cargo at Daymar, and deliver it to ARCL!!! a record distance for me

Auto land crashed me of course, and I had to search all over the station for my package which zipped out of my hands. But I delivered it. My 315 was doing a puppy squat (lying on it’s back) on pad 02. but cleverly I claimed insurance, and looked at the station for 8 minutes. And then lifted off to go to arccorp, gingerly smashing my right wing, wheel struts and engine (i thought) on takeoff - BUT
I got up and FLEW…
tried to find area 18 on arccorp on ark map to no avail… select area 04 - and realized on arrival no place to land. it took me 10 of 15 minutes to find area 18 on the map, and I select it, but there was nothing to guide me there. I’m thinking I probably didn’t do that right.

So I did what any red-blooded admiral would do and Crashed headlong into the downtown. Game failed of course, but truth be told I’m to tired to try and recover tonight.

So It occurs to me there is an actual way to find and select a waypoint on arccorp like area 18, or someplace with a landing pad. And so dear Brothers and sisters of the stars - HOW?

thanks for looking at this.

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Yep, I know the issue. Best is to use QT again upon arrival at the planet and set for Area 18 (again). It will tell you, you are to close, but… you got a waypoint to fly to and when close to Area 18 you can annul the QT. This should bring you on the doorstep, only to dock safely…

Good luck…

Welcome to the verse!


Well you did a couple of things right, and a couple of things not so right.

First, be sure to have all of your controls set up so that you are very comfortable in taking off and landing. I suggest going to Arena Commander and going to Free Flight single player mode and there are 8 landing pads floating in space in there. Find those and practice a few times because if you crash there you can almost instantly respawn.
While in AC, go ahead and practice flying around the asteroids and the terraformers (big satellite looking things) so that you are very, very comfortable flying your 315p (excellent ship choice by the way)

Arena Commander is infinitely more forgiving when it comes to crashes - you can respawn in 10 seconds not in minutes.

So once you are comfortable with flight including take off and landing you stick around Arena Commander for a little while longer. But this time, you go to Pirate Swarm mode. This will spawn increasing waves of enemies for you to fight. Take the time to at least be confident that you can survive an encounter, even if that means running away.

Now that you can fly and can handle a little scrap or two, head back to the Persistent Universe and load up Stanton again. Now when you spawn you will find that taking off and landing is a breeze. The next trick you need in your arsenal is navigating the ArkMap.

There is, unfortunately, no simple way to find locations or navigate to a specific location.


So for now, you either know where you want to go from experience or you ask in chat for some help.
For future reference, here are the major ports that exist in the game today:

  • Port Olisar (Crusader, planetary orbital station) All size hangars and pads
  • Grim Hex (Crusader, asteroid base near the moon of Yela) Medium pads and smaller
  • Levski (Delamar, special moon without a planet right now, see note) Medium and smaller size hangars
  • Lorville (City on planet of Hurston) All size pads and hangars
  • Area 18 (City on planet of ArcCorp) All size pads and hangars

So if you want to land somewhere that you can spawn later those are the spots that have spawn beds. Keep in mind that the cities of Lorville and Area18 are full cities with public transportation that you must use to get from your spawn HAB to the spaceport. Grim Hex and Levski are more like stations and are self contained where Port Olisar is a space station. Both Area18 and Lorville have breathable air so you are not required to wear a helmet at those locations.

There are also numerous Rest and Relax stations (commonly referred to as RR stations or just RR for short) throughout the Stanton system. These are stopover points between planets that have a place to refuel and repair and also have some basic shops and amenities. Right now they are neat to look at and visit, but they do not do a lot other than provide a point to swap ships or refuel/reload/repair.

When you take a mission, such as deliver, you will notice an icon on your map that shows you where you need to deliver that item. You can use that to identify where you want to QT jump to and the system will automatically generate the necessary intermediate points to plot out the trip.

Just remember, any place you land on the list above will become your new spawn point when you log in. So end your trip wisely :wink:

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask me, I live and breath this stuff.

I will be testing 3.6 for the near future, but when they open it up to the public I usually stay away for reasons. But if you need some assistance in game just let me know and we can try to schedule a time to meet up. In game voice works or we can use Discord.

Best of luck in the verse!

*Note about Levski and Delamar: The moon Delamar is not supposed to be in this system but they added it here temporarily because they needed the extra landing location and subsequent features. In time it will be returned to its home system. For now, it is a floating moon just outside of Crusader’s planetary system but in 3.6 it will be moved even further out from Crusader.

Thanks for the reply Roshy

Thanks Simdor! Good stuff!

hehe, need to actually work at it. good to know you’re available.

The original post is about what happens to me every time I log in… lol.

Very good advice Simdor. I’ve spent most of my flight time in AC.