Lobby Channels in a game

In any game the lobby channel is like a General chat, however in New World it has become the in game chat only events channel. We have an events channel and they should rename Lobby Text Channel as New World Only Chat. I hate being treated like a child because i posted videos for friends that were in New World Lobby chat that were interested in the video’s. Lobby has always been general chat (IN GAME). I was instructed by one player that i was to scroll to the top of the Discord and post in the Looby channel. Maybe fix it to Lobby. But this channel my friends would have to research and find it on this huge Discord. If you get angry that i posted my opinion then who is really being the child. Change Lobby chat in New World to New World Discussions Only, instead of the general Lobby channel. My Opinion, don’t care for a response Just my opinion.

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I’ll address a few of your comments, because I think this is a topic others also think about. But I want to prepend this with it’s something you should discuss with your chapter leadership. As such, I will be locking this thread to help any further conversation be addressed by the correct parties.

  • Generally speaking, yes, I would agree, a lobby is for general chat. Each chapter has it’s own lobby, and we have a general looby for everyone. If you look through the various chapters, for the most part, chapter-specific chat can be found in the lobbies. But, as we all know, conversations happen, topics wander, and not everything stays on topic. Just like an actual room, people do not get up and leave when this happens. Others even often join in. In my experience, this is not often an issue. We try not to play the censorship game, altho sometimes it’s needed for everyone to get along.

  • As far as our Looby channel, it’s a bit of an OTG joke. If you look at the channel description, we couldn’t decide if it should be called a looney bin or a lobby, so we merged the two together. All in fun. :slight_smile: I tend to hang out there a lot, as it’s not specific to any one chapter at all, and is always very enjoyably random. We keep it at the top so it’s easy to find. If you have a better suggestion, I’d love to hear it! The more the merrier, as these upper channels in the Private Lobby section are there for all the OTG members, not matter what game, or even if you’re not playing any games at all. We’d love to see you.

  • As a general Discord etiquette rule, if you’re only speaking to a few people and no one else would benefit from your comment, it’s best to keep it to private messages. The other dozens of people reading may have no idea what you’re talking about. Voice chat also has this newer feature to create a chat group for just the people in your voice channel. I just tried it, it looks amazing and it was super easy. Drop me a note if need help trying it out!

TLDR: Off topic in the chapter lobbies does happen, but it’s (as a general etiquette rule) generally as part of a conversation, or at least something meant to shared with everyone, not just a select group. Otherwise, it may be considered spam by some users. There are better options for completely off the wall stuff such as the public lobby areas at the top of Discord (seriously, we love off the wall), private DMs to 1 person or a group, or voice text chat that can be created in your voice channel.

I apologize if you were made to feel belittled as a result of this situation. If you would like to discuss suggestions for Discord in general that is not related to a chapter specifically, please feel free to contact the @ux-staff .

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