Anyone read this genre (LitRPG)? Basically its a Fantasy or Sci-Fi book with gaming elements like leveling, attributes, stats, experience, etc…

When I first heard of it (one year ago) I was very skeptical, thought it would be cumbersome and boring. I had no interest in reading this style. Not sure what pushed me to read the first series but I gave it try.

First series I read was the Divine Dungeon Series by Dakota Krout, and I was hooked. Figured I’d give another series a try after that to see if it was just a fluke. Next series was The Completionist Chronicles, also by Dakota Krout, after completing that series I ran through the Reality Bender Series by Michael Atamanov, then Chaos Seed series by Aleron Kong, and just started the first book of the Awaken Online series by Travis Bagwell.

Oddly enough I still find the thought of this style of book odd and have no idea why I like it so much.

Anyone else read this genre, I’d like to hear some ideas of what series to read next.

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I was in the same boat as you. Gave the genre a try and I’m hooked!

I have read; The Completionist Chronicles, Ascend Online, Play to Live series, and while not technically a LitRPG, Magic 2.0. Magic 2.0 is a very fun read.

I will have to check into some of the books you mentioned. Whenever I read this genre it makes me want to play a number of MMO’s lol.

Nice, I’ve read the Magic 2.0 series, all but the last book that just came out. A great series.

I’ve seen the Play to Live series and was thinking of trying that one after I finish all the books for Awaken Online.

I’ve read the Divine Dungeon series and enjoyed it, so I’ll have to give these others a try. I didn’t realize that it was a whole genre!

Either Reality Bender series or Chaos Seed series are my favorites so far. One is fantasy based the other is Sci fi based.


Just joined OTG a couple months ago, and finally saw this old post.
LitRPG to me is very hit or miss. A lot of it is good, some very good. But there are horrible books as well.
Some of my favorites can be found on Royal Road, or for translated works Box Novel.
There are other sites you can hit up, way too many to list really, but those 2 are perhaps best to see and read some LitRPG (most for free).

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I have read and recommend The Land, and am currently reading The World.