Limit ranks 9.2 Affliction 2/4 Piece Tier Set as "Swamp Ass"

Never a good sign when one of the world’s leading guilds ranks your primary spec choice as “Swamp Ass” for their Tier Bonus Set Power & playability in 9.2

(They also rank every other class/spec in the game, it was fun to listen to them discuss the pros/cons of each set)



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Time to switch to Destro! Maybe you’ll get some love in 10.0. Well Survival hunter went from Swap Ass to Best.

Blasphemy Infernals will be so much fun with Rain of Chaos/Wilfreds

Why would blizz design any tier set to be swamp ass? Is it to compensate for the OP of some classes and the swamp ass of others? I don’t get it.