LFG on Xbox One

Hey OTG, I’ve been a lone wanderer through the B.E.T.A. so far which has been a blast (exploring and scavenging every nook and corner is my jam). But it would be great to add some old timers to my friends list for when extra fire power is needed!

Please message me (“drakkmire”) if you are playing on an xbox one.

I am on xbox as well.


Woot! I’m not alone…

I am understanding correctly that there is no cross platform play support, correct? So if I’m on xbox, I can only group with other OTG’ers on xbox…

Seems like the overwhelming majority are on PC. But I don’t have a gaming PC at the moment…

Yeah i ran into this same issue with OTG and elder scrolls online. For certain games the majority are on PC. I will be playing most of my games on xbox until I feel like building a computer this summer.

I am taking Thursday off work so I will be online playing Fallout 76 a lot this week. Hit me up whenever you see me online

hey guys I added you to my friends list on Xbox. I’m also playing this on xbox (mainly so I can play with a buddy). My Xbox id is “Devestt”
If anyone else is on xbox send me a friend request. Also I tried to join the OTG club in xbox live.

Hey Rivo! Added you as a friend as well. See you out there in the wasteland!

I’m on there as well. Kronick905. I’m easy to spot as I look lost, look like I’m trying to figure out how to build a house and just randomly run in to places. Most of the time that random running ends up bad for me.

Our little band of xbox wanderers is growing! Looks us up if you need a hand with anything Krondakka…

I am new and also on Xbox. Lone wanderer as well. Looking to put some charisma perks to good use. Team up! :slight_smile:

Ickymclicky is my gt.

I have Fallout 76 on Xbox one as well. Haven’t gotten into it much. Played during beta and have played some here and there. Struggling to get into it. Would like to play with others if possible. I am online most evenings, east coast time zone. Xbox Gamertag is The Runx.

I am on Xbox, my gamertag is OldB52H Gunner.
I am stuck at a fairly low level because leveling solo is slow as molasses in January, so I am always looking for a group.

Hey @flyinpoons, @cptnoobtastic and I are kinda waiting on some new content at the moment. But I have a level 10 alt I’m happy to hop on if you see me online. Xbox handle is drakkmire.

Also on Xbox. Haven’t playe much recently as it’s slow and boring alone
My GT is thorgon claire.