Leveling - how can i get ilvl above 60 before Shadowlands?

I usually level through Chromie Time in Legion and end up with an ilvl in the low 50’s at the end, which isn’t sufficient to start Shadowlands with. I end up having to buy a set of gear off the AH. Is there a way i can get a higher ilvl doing open world content while leveling before getting to SL?

Would BfA give me higher gear? I’ve thought about starting BfA after finishing Legion to see if i can get some better gear before going to Bastion. Do you think that would help?

I don’t know if this helps or not but I just started playing WoW this summer. I first played WoW for a bit when it first came out, but I wasn’t super into it and quickly moved on to some other MMO. I started playing it again with a fresh start this summer, no ties to my old account. I have one character currently that I leveled through BfA before moving onto Shadowlands. I didn’t really buy any gear at all while leveling up and just used what I got from quest rewards; I didn’t even craft any gear. I think I started out in Shadowlands at 50 and didn’t seem to be having any issues gear wise. Once in a while I bought a new weapon on the AH if there was something lvl appropriate that was really cheap.

I feel like you could gear up via questing in BfA prior to SL, but quote me on that because I am essentially a WoW noob at this point :smirk:

Do you know what your ilevel was (gear score) when you started Shadowlands? That makes all the difference.

Unfortunately no, I do not remember what it was.

What faction are you playing in? Alliance or Horde? If in Alliance, I might be able to help you with gear…but will need to know your spec/class.


I’m asking in general, because i don’t want to bother crafters for gear with every alt i level. Thanks, though.

Well then, BfA seems to be the best option then, regardless of class/spec.

However, my offer still stands if you are on Alliance faction. Just let me know.


Thanks, Lyn. I’ll keep that in mind.

Why do you say that BfA seems to be the best option? And is that non-Chromie BfA?


Your ilvl going into Shadowlands is always going to be low. There just isn’t a good mechanic at this point for jumping ilvl from chromie time expansion leveling end gear and level .

That being said your best option is just questing in SL and upgrading gear that way.

Crafting gear at 50-59 range had limits.
Pieces had different level requirements
Until level 60, where I could craft an entire set

Now there are marks that can be crafted and used to downgrade the level 60 armor to a lower ilvl but again, you should out level it especially with Winds of Wisdom buff.

I usually had better from quests, placed one piece of gear on for 30 minutes and then out leveled it.

Class is more the issue for survivability then gear

What class are you trying to level?
What spec are you trying to play?

Don’t fret about asking for gear to be crafted (Alliance side only). I’ve got enough mats for a solid expansion. I will most likely vendor most of it for silver at this point.

AH should be another solid auction. Prices have fallen these past few months that everything is cheap.


Heirloom gear is the only set that will grow with your level but it will be very expensive to buy for all armor classes and raised to max level.

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Trevain’s (Macneel) right…


Thanks, Trevain. I leveled 2 druids (balance and feral) recently and found that fighting stuff in Bastion at ilvl 50 and 52 was just too risky, so I bought gear from the AH. Much of that gear got replaced fairly quickly, but at least I wasn’t struggling to kill a single mob every time.

I’m wondering if non-Chromie BfA would give me gear with higher ilvl than 50ish.

I have heirlooms but they only go up to 39.

Unless you have tons of gold, don’t bother leveling the heirlooms …they are so sadly over priced for what you get any more.

Your druids wear leather …but are the stats the same for both or different?


Yeah on the heirlooms. That’s why I’ve kept them at 39.

The druids use different stats, but luckily the gear i get adjusts to the needs of the toon (i.e.: has both stats but the irrelevant one is greyed out).

For my immediate situation, i think i’ll use a character boost, so the ilvl for SL question is moot. Maybe next time i’ll check to see if BfA can give me higher gear.

Level Druid as Guardian for survivability.

Non chromie BFA is the same ilvl at the end.

BFA was designated the starting zone for new players, it’s 10-50 following Exiles Reach zone.

Another thing to remember is by leveling with Winds of Wisdom, you’re tearing thru lower content and are not getting to the end quests which would have higher ilvl.

Ilvl 87 gear is available at level 50 thru crafting

You can always just go to BFA at 50 and look at what World Quests offer in the way of gear rewards.

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Thanks so much for that.

I’ve been playing on Horde because i checked out the Alliance side when i came back and no one was talking much, so i figured i might as well go over and give my Horde toons some love. I’ll be interested to see if Alliance warms up with the coming of the expansion. I’m preparing toons on both sides for DF. I think i’ll be focusing on shaman, druid, monk and hunter to start with. The tiny bit of research i did said they were in good shape so far in DF.

Ribbit, play whatever toon you want to play, play whatever faction you want to play.

Just remember, don’t spread yourself to thin across alts, pick one to main and level up.

A few reason to do this is because DF is going to be very alt friendly.

You unlock it on your main, you unlock it on your alt type of friendly.

So don’t waste time leveling dragon riding across all your toons.
Spend all the time on one toon and get it to max level for all your toons.

So when you do play an alt, they are in a much better position.

As far as it being quiet on the Alliance side, some jumped over to Wrath, some took a break, but chatterbox Lyn is never quiet :slight_smile:


…sigh my secret is out… :rofl:

Thanks for the advice. I’m narrowing down a main as we speak and limiting the number of alts i gear up in pre-patch. I’m thinking either bm hunter (for ease) or enh shaman for main. i need a break from warlocks and enjoy the shaman.