Leveling from 15 to 35


Some players and I are looking to level quickly to reach the end game material. Thru the Alpha/Beta process we have been dialing in the best way to level and what materials will be needed on the AH upon launch. Im not so keen on sharing the materials however, I would like to share with you our strategies for leveling. I assume all people can get to level 15 quickly. Once you reach level 15 you can do the main quest line to reach level 20. Once at level 20 your main quest line will offer you a free key to the first dungeon. You can also make a key. If you have a party of 5 and each person has 2 keys that should bring you really close to level 25. Once at level 25 I believe the quest line opens back up for 3 or 4 quest and your stuck at level 27. From here you grind rifts with your party until you reach level 30. Once your at level 30 the process starts again with the main quest, however this time you should be picking up other quest as there is a big gap between 35 and 40. Between the level 35 dungeon and rifts we were able to get some of our players to level 40 by the end of the last Beta. Just for measurement, level 15 to level 25 took us an average of 9 hours game time.

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I got to L36 in Open but wasn’t trying. All mobs are generally the same with similar groups of mechanics. And again, generally the xp is junk, unless you’re in a small party doing mob training, like pulling whole camps at once. The only goal in level hunting I see is L60. Although for me that happens when it happens… maybe months. I have different priorities.

Anyway, L36. I did four things. The Main quest line, the town board missions, and a ton of gathering & crafting. Also, I read every lore paper I saw. It’s xp. That’s it. No corruption, dungeons, side quests… all solo. Obviously, that will change higher up, from time to time, when groups are required for some non-PvP things.

I have heard the best xp and drops are from dungeons in a party.
I have heard the best azoth gathering comes from corruptions.
I have heard that PvP is good for leveling your weapons.

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