Leveling and Open World Questing Talent Builds for All Classes in 10.0

Very good place to start for everyone returning for Dragonflight.

I do recommend reading the comments by the Class Writers on why they selected certain talents, and their suggestions on which talents to take as you level up.

Again this is designed for Open World Content, so it will be a mash-up of ST/AOE spells along with survivability - not designed to hop into a Fated Raid or Mythic+ Dung.

Use this link for those builds during the pre-patch.

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I love this! Will make things much easier. Thanks!

As always, Trevain, you are the man! Certainly hope the changes made to the Warlock builds work into something you can create a master monster build from. I’ve been following your fav streamer and its interesting to watch his facial expressions compared with his comments.

I get the impression he would love to reach into the dev team’s warren and strangle a few of them… :rofl: But I must say he has great restraint. I feel he tends to add humor and off-handed accolades where he feels you can tweak out something better from the string of nerfs and pseudo buffs (this is my concept :grin:).

Thanks, Trevain. Great news. I was really hoping they would do this since I don’t raid or do Mythic+. I’m always left to my own devices when it comes to talent builds because of this. Now I don’t feel like the red-headed step child anymore. \o/ for inclusivity.

@NoobTaco :stuck_out_tongue: suck it. :wink:

Kalamazi has taken over as Class Writer on Wowhead for Affliction Warlock

Good source for exporting talent builds for Raid/Mythic+/Leveling

This is great news since his reviews are wonderful. I especially like this because when he mentioned the Necrolord Affliction, I moved my lock over to Necrolord covenant and have been looking into leveling that renown up. Reached 61 within 20mins (using the boost from the npc merchant at the fp in Oribos of course) but it wasn’t much of a stretch to get to 61. Although I do miss the Nightfae Soulshape abitity a lot.

Will be working on her I think today to see how she parses out. I used to love my aff lock and with your timely help, Trevain, I was able to finally understand how to manage her. I still get a bit confused over theorycrafting but I’m taking it a bite at a time these days and find that what you helped me with on her, translated really well to understanding my other toons’ setups as well.

OMG…I am so glad to see this. I remember putting that curse in a macro with some of my dots because it got so chaotic and I kept forgetting to use it some of the time. So I put it on its own button on the very top row, extreme left button so that it stared me in the face all the time. I supposed I should have found a WA to do that in order for me to use it more frequently when the situation called for it.

Vile Taint now applies both Agony and Curse of Exhaustion to a max of 8 targets that are hit by the effect.