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Server Updated with Tweaks to Combat, Housing, Trading & World Map Access
Posted by Suzie Ford on May 25, 2018

Legends of Aria alpha client has been updated with a patch that brings a number of tweaks to combat into the game, including the amount of heal during a battle and an increased STR damage modifier. One particularly interesting note is the removal of the “M” button to open a world map. “We feel strongly that “GPS” doesn’t make sense in our world, and having a map you open with a hotkey creates the wrong expectation”, the notes read.

Other tweaks the the game map system include:

We have plans for more navigation tools that do make sense in a sandbox world. See the next note for our first pass:

Players can now purchase physical maps of the 5 world areas of Celador in the respective towns / outposts.

Players can rename and place waypoints on physical maps

Players can no longer mark locations on notes.

Read the full patch notes on the Legends of Aria site.

Interesting piece of what the writer thinks old folks want to see in a game, and how that applies to Legends of Aria. The usual comparisons to UO as well.