Legends of Aira

Anyone playing this? I just purchased it a couple of days ago and am really enjoying it, it is based on Ultima Online but is much better than SOTA. If there is an OTG chapter in the game, please let me know.

Thank you!

A fair few of us started playing this last year, but eventually I think we all gave up.

For me personally it was when I lost 3 days of work to back to back rollbacks, and the fact they changed so many things after that happened that I couldn’t even work my way back up to where I was without 5 times as much effort.

The latest news I got from them is that they now have a premium subscription model, which makes me fear they’re one step away from a shop :stuck_out_tongue:

I did have fun for a while playing it, though! And good to see others are still having fun with it.

Thank you for replying, I am just a casual player so I have no need for a cash shop in any game. I wouldn’t even have bought it if it still had open world pvp, which thats been changed to certain areas I am told.

Game became PvE based at Steam launch bot now…BIG news recently. They are merging servers and going back to their PvP model they started with… The Leadership is indecisive and the game is dying, sadly.

That is if you are into PvP and PKing… here is the info:

Greetings! We’re pleased to share more details on what PK penalties will look like once these changes are available on the Experimental Server.

  • Committing a negative action gives you a classical Grey Criminal Flag
  • Criminals are freely attackable.
  • Criminals engaged by someone other than a victim of their criminal action may freely defend themselves without incurring Murder Counts.
  • Committing or assisting in a murder will grant you 1 Murder Count.
  • A total of 5 or more Murder Counts makes you a Murderer, designated by a red name.
  • Murderers engaged by someone other than the victim of their criminal action may freely defend themselves without incurring Murder Counts.
  • Murder Counts decay at a rate of 1 per 24 hours.
  • Upon death, players have a chance to suffer immediate and permanent loss to skill and/or statistics relative to their current Murder Count.
  • A higher Murder Count is more likely to incur a higher and more drastic instance of skill and/or statistic loss.
  • This effects any player possessing any Murder Counts.
  • Returning to their intact corpse or being resurrected will restore any lost skills and/or statistics.
  • Removing the head from a murderer’s corpse and returning it to him/her for consumption will restore any lost skills and/or statistics.
  • Severed heads decay 12 hours post decapitation and cannot be consumed.
  • Heads extracted from players who suffered skill and/or statistics loss are special heads and when consumed by another player will MAKE A SUGGESTION! .
  • Those who die in arenas or inside their own homes will not suffer skill and/or stat loss.

Original Post

Greetings adventurers,

From day one, our goal has been to create an immersive virtual world, and to empower our players in bringing that world to life. There are many different moving pieces in creating a world like that, one of which is a strong sense of risk versus reward and a sense of meaningful danger and adventure.

We built everything from the ground up in Legends of Aria with risk versus reward at the heart of what we were doing, and sought to implement a ruleset which established a balance for players of all playstyles. Our goal was to hone and refine this experience until such a time as guard zones could become a thing of the past and player activity could truly drive our world without becoming a live action Tarantino MMO.

As Steam approached, we became caught in the moment and made some bad choices. Legends of Aria needs a healthy population to succeed, and we believed that making the game more accessible would solve the population problem. Certain changes were put in place because we truly believed the game - and the genre - was ready to be brought to a wider audience. But it wasn’t.

This has been a talking shop within our team for months, coming to a crescendo in recent weeks about where we go from here. Legends of Aria has many futures ahead of it, but we simply must pursue the one which speaks to us, its developers, the core playerbase, and speaks to why we made this game in the first place.

We have spent the past few weeks speaking with the community, reading feedback left on a variety of different platforms, and making plans. Most importantly, this has reaffirmed to us that we need to take these conversations forward with you the community, but we want to start taking actions for your consideration. Here’s a quick look at some of the things we’ll be doing moving forward.

Experimental is being updated with the following changes. Our hope is to have this available to you to test before the end of next week:

  • Guard Protected areas are limited exclusively to Towns and Cities.
  • Long and short term murder counts are being added.
  • The criminal flag is being added.
  • Severe risks for player killers are being deployed.
  • New skills: Stealing & Snooping.

Testing on the Experimental Server is ongoing and your feedback is a crucial factor in how we proceed with changes that are pushed live.

We’re gearing up for a big release with Point Release 8 with Martial Abilities, our upcoming Macro system, and our well received overhaul to crafting orders. We’re also preparing for a big push of new content, which the majority of our design team is working on now, and we’ll be detailing that more for you shortly. We are also hopeful for a drive of new and returning players to Legends of Aria - but first we are committing to making the necessary changes in better managing our existing servers.


Option A) A new server launch: Ethereal Moon.

Ethereal Mountain and Amber Moon will become clustered temporarily. A date will be set the new, empty cluster, Ethereal Moon will launch, allowing players from all servers to engage in a landrush to the new landmass. All servers will stay online for x days, before Ethereal Mountain and Amber Moon are permanently removed from the cluster and shut down. Any remaining characters on Ethereal Mountain or Amber Moon will be merged with the Ethereal Moon character database and will be available to play on the new server.

Option B ) Move to Amber Moon!

Free character transfers are offered to all players on Ethereal Mountain to Amber Moon. Transferred characters will maintain all their belongings, including all housing items and a completed house deed, allowing replacement of their home without resources. A date will be set and Ethereal Mountain will become condemned and will cease service on the selected date. All remaining characters will be transferred to Amber Moon. Any accounts bringing in excess of 5 characters to the new server will have 1 week from first login to delete characters which surpass the 5 slot limit. Failure to do so will result in us doing it for them.

We know we may look crazy to some people by taking this approach, but that’s ok. No matter what we do at this point - change our approach, not change our approach - we’re going to look crazy. So we’ve made the decision to look crazy while making a game we actually want to be making. We hope it ends up being the game you want to be playing.

Thank you for letting me know, no I am not into PvP at all so sadly a waste of money for me to have purchased it.

They’ve been all over the place for a year now. We started playing this way at the beginning, and it was fun for a while. A lot of rollbacks, a lot of crashes, a lot of lost time, money and effort, a lot of bugs, but it was still okay.

Then they started changing housing costs, crafting costs, sales costs, and everything just became a really bad grind. That was even way before the Steam release, and we just stopped playing.

It was less of a gankfest than I expected, but it was also less of a playable game than I expected, unfortunately.

We’ll see how this turns out after all these changes, but I think the hardcore PvPers will ‘win’ this one, and I don’t think there’s enough of a population for that to work.

I agree. I am going to wait and see how it plays out. It will mainly be pvp but I am wonder what the safe zone boundaries will be for Pve. I think the pvp rules should be harsher. I want to be able to gather in peace. Also, why would a dungeon be pvp? That should be pve only IMO. There is more pve content coming out soon as well with pt 8 on the experimental server.

I am mainly pve so currently I am playing on the US HOPE server in community servers section.

I do want to see how vanilla server turns out, and I will be part of the “land rush”.

They are out of early access as of this last Tuesday (July 8th)