League of Legends Netflix show & live show

I’ve been a bit afk the last couple weeks - a few of you know I’m an actor, and currently in rehearsals for a project that might have some crossover interest here.
There’s a League of Legends show coming out on Netflix this week, “Arcane,” and I’m working on an immersive theater show based on the series, where audience will walk into the world of the show and spend an evening exploring the Undercity.
I can’t tell much beyond that yet because of NDAs, but both the series and our show will be pretty amazing, even if you’re not a LoL fan (I’ve never played). The live show will be in Los Angeles, Nov 19-Dec 19, and for those not in LA, there’s an online component every night for no charge where folks at home can influence the course of events.
I may have a chance to invite any local folks to attend a dress rehearsal for no charge, so I’ll update here when I have that info.
ANYWAY, check out Arcane when it comes out and do a quick Google of “secret cinema arcane” if you want the live show info.


I’ve got tickets for Secret Cinema on Nov. 21 (driving up from San Diego). How will I know you?

Nice! I can’t give out any info until it’s officially out there, but if you’re coming in costume, let me know and I’ll keep an eye out.

Is it on Netflix yet?

First 3 episodes are, then 3 more on Saturday and last 3 on the 20th.

Pete Navis

ahh I see thanks :slight_smile:


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TOtally forgot to follow up on this - I was playing Singed. Couple of character photos at:
Google Photos


That’s cool!

Very cool!!