Laust's Server

" Laust in Exile"
pw = PointyEndForward
30 player max at one time.

Not as nice as Viking’s.
Also, if I haven’t seen anyone on in two weeks but me, I tend to switch the map to Siptah or Savage Wilds on a whim.

Any OTG Conan Exiles fans are welcome to play.

Server Updated, Map cleaned.

Got room for a lit’lun? :wink:


I’ll try to get on when I’ve woken up a bit. It’s nearly half three in the morning in the UK and I need to find a bed to fall into before I drop out of this chair…

40Gb update earlier today - server’s dead in the water as a result.

patched and coming up.

Server changing to Savage Wilds and adding Shima’s Compendium to the modlist.
The population was encouraging of this change. :slight_smile:

We’re dead again following another mod update. Why do steam do this? Grr…

Will get to it, tonight. Sorry, Work.

Should be good here inna few mins. WIll check back later.

Looking good now :wink:

Server loading Isle of Siptah by request.