Last Epoch

Hi all, me again.

I’ve been keeping an eye on Last Epoch. It looks like a cool ARPG. I actually bought it from Steam and although I really liked the concept I had a really hard time with the fact that I could not assign a skill to the LMB. I mean, you can, after a bit of convoluted machinations, but then you can’t use it to move. This irked the heck out of me. I got on Discord with the Devs but they were adamant that they wanted a max of 5 skills, not six. I asked Steam for a refund and got it.

I really want to support this game. It has a lot of potential - more so than Wolcen (not in the Graphics department, I mean Wolcen is gorgeous - so is the combat, when skills don’t get stuck in the “on” position).

Just curious if anyone has tried it and what they think of it. Its still in the back of mind and a few times I’ve been tempted to re-purchase it but that LMB - UGH!

Its been on my wish list for sometime but not anymore. I cannot even imagine the control scheme like that.

Thanks for the info!

I have. And like it. It’s a cross between D3 and POE, more like D3. It is still in early access but plays pretty complete including end game. Only thing missing right now is multiplayer, which should be coming out in the next few months. Good combat, good skill development and complexity (but not to the level of PoE), and deterministic crafting (an improvement over POE IMHO).

yeah … 8 months later … but I picked it up last night. Took a few minutes to adjust to the “one in all” move+attack using my mouse.

With the LMB you can choose 1 of 3 move/move attack defining which attack skill ie: “Multishot” is used when the mouse is over an enemy. Didn’t have to use Shift or Control to “stand still” while attacking with my bow. After a little bit with this new control scheme grew on me.