Large Hadron Walkabout

Ever want to take your pup for walkies around a particle accelerator?
Perhaps riding a bike tour through where a God Particle is proven,
is more your thing. Since only a few people will ever even lay eyes
on the actual physical place, google is now offering tours.

A streetview tour by google. I thought it neat, and a little bland.
Even so, it’s a cool capability we’ve created within our time in space.
So if curious, click the link at the start of this paragraph.
Or for more info go below:

The really cool stuff are the experiment detectors, but other than that it’s just a reallllllyyyy long tunnel that looks exactly the same everywhere, pretty much.

I’m not going to tell you what I read the title of this topic as when I first saw it on my “Latest” list… :scream_cat:

Much tease. So curious.

If you play with the letters in “Hadron” a bit, you will find a single transposition is all you need to get from nerdy to naughty. Which says something lamentable about my character, I’m sure. Especially since I still clicked on it!


Hadorn. So funny!


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I’m sure people would just love to walk around my “Hadron Collider”

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