Kobe’s new eSports facility opens exclusively for seniors

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I suffer from CRS and game too. I’m just a lost cause. Of the serious side this needs to be done everywhere.

Yeah I wonder how long before senior communities plan for infrastructure that gamers need, like good internet access. Maybe some do already?

Finding a compatible gaming group is an interesting challenge and looks to be a long term project. I go back and forth on whether to emphasize age in my gaming – how often to bring it up, whether to bring it up. Age certainly seems to be a relevant criteria for finding complementary gamers. Adults at different life stages can find support from others who share or also at these life stages - whether it is child-rearing, job stress, or retirement activities.
Experience with the game also seems important, as do other variables, like interest in a specific type of content or game.

I appreciate the hard age cut-off of 25 years old for the Old Timer’s Guild. This works for me as a starting point. This article says that esports facility is for 60+ year olds only.

In the mmo I play, Final Fantasy XIV, there seems to be plenty of > 25 year olds, averaging in the 30’s and 40’s. Mid-30’s average if I had to guess.

For Savage Raiding in Final Fantasy XIV, a large raid community took an age survey last year and got 160 responses. The results were like this:

07.5% < 20 years old
50.6% 20’s
35% 30’s
06.87% >40

Granted this is for one of the most specialized forms of content - Savage raiding. And 1 particular community of raiders. In the absence of other data, I find it interesting.

This response can use some work, but hopefully someone finds it interesting. :slight_smile: