Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning?

Has anyone picked this up yet and if so what is your impression. Is it worth it just for nostalgia or more?

Downloading now. I couldn’t pass a new version (with support hopefully for bugs and glitches). I mean at $21 bucks it was easy for me. I will skip a couple Starbucks drinks. :slight_smile:

I will post more once I get in and play. Most reviews I read are either positive and say “If you liked the original, you will like this.” Or negative - “Why pay again for something I have?”.

I always loved the design, story and combat just always ran into issues when running it.

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Last year or so I bought the old version plus all the expansions on sale. I’ve been wanting to play it for awhile (and I stilll haven’t). I’m curious what this re-release brings to the table, or if it’s just a hi-res pack. Either way, it kind of makes me angry that if I end up liking the game I’d have to buy everything again. I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts.

This video might help for a visual comparison as to what the 4k textures bring to the table (aka, not much). The biggest visual difference appears to be some tweaks to the lighting. If you’re looking just for a visual upgrade, not worth it.

That said, there is a FATE edition that at the current 60% off for previous owners, will include a new expansion in 2021. If you’re interested in that, it may be worthwhile.

So I played just shy of two hours last night…the game runs smooth and no bugs. It looks amazing and played well. No real complaints except for one:

Motion sickness. I tweaked and changed settings, sped camera way down, changed FOV, everything I could but it got me. Some games just do (Half Life, Dark Souls, etc…) - no reason and no way to know until I play them.

Its a fun little game and I do love the combat system and the story is great but I just cannot play it.

I ended up getting it and am enjoying it. I had to turn the mouse control all the way down to deal with the motion sickness I have that same problem with the borderland games. Since I already owned the original I figured with the discount it was worth it to buy.

Yeah, the mouse control (not the camera) is way too sensitive. If you didn’t adjust that @Elidien you might see if turning that way down helps any.

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Turned it all the way down and it got better but still - just something with it. Been struggling with motion sickness for years (ever since Half Life 1) and its no rhyme or reason to which games. Happens on a variety of engines, good, great or horrible graphics. Its just weird.

Worst game recently was the Stranger Things pixelated game over at Epic store. 15 mins was all I could take!

Do you have a regular 16:9 aspect ratio monitor? If one fits in budget, you might try an ultrawide 21:9 monitor. I’ve found that helps a lot with motion sickness. I used to not be able to play any FPS games at all on a regular monitor, but don’t have the same issues on the ultrawide. There are still some things that get me even with the ultrawide, though, so it’s not a complete fix for me, but those are few and far between now, where it was pretty constant with the 16:9 monitors.

Oh, I also read that turning off V-sync in the game may help with mouse jerkiness. Didn’t really notice a difference when I tried it, but might be another thing to test.

Yeah messed with vsync and all settings. And its only certain games. Played tons of games through the years and never had an issue but every so often, I come across one that triggers it badly. For example, I can play every major MMO out there just fine, also Conan Exiles, Ark, Atlas, Destiny, Dishonored, Doom, Halo, No Man’s Sky, Rainbow Six, Division, Tomb Raider…all just fine for hours.

But 5 mins in Dark Souls, Mass Effect, Just Cause, Daylight, Borderlands, and know Amalur and BAM. It hits me.

Yes, I’m a strange one.

where did you get it for 21$? it is showing 35 at greenman gaming for me.

i had the original on steam which gave me 50% off plus an additional 10% steam sale off.

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Was the same for me.

And I had to pay the full 10% discounted price because I bought physical copy of the original. You see, back then kids, physical copies were more than a box and a steam code. First time that happened was after I stood in line at midnight to get a copy of Skyrim. I was a bit upset to find you had to activate and download from Steam.

Oh I remember those days my Diablo 1 and 2 and my original Baulders Gate were are pre-digital boxes. Actually come to think of it so was SWToR

I stood in line at midnight for every WOW expansion release through Cata I believe. I use to HATE Steam and avoided it like the plague (mainly because for many years I had 1-3meg internet). The last “box” game I bought was ESO. :slight_smile:

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Hey Elidien…I have the same motion sickness problems on the games you mentioned except no problems with No Man’s Sky. I had no issues with the 2012 Amalur so not sure I want to give this new version a try. 15 minutes into Half Life and I had to lie down for an hour. We should have a motion sickness games to avoid forum. :grinning:

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Regarding No Man’s Sky … turning off motion blur helps a lot, or at least did for me. By default, motion blur is on and even when standing still it makes objects in the not too far distance look like you’re suffering from a bit of double vision. Turning this off crisps those objects up and helps a bit with the sense of vertigo that causes. Again, at least it did for me, I won’t claim it does so for everyone.

@Postol So true. I even tried Portal once and that lasted like 3 seconds. For me, like I said, its certain games. For example, last night I played Conan Exiles in admin mode with super speed and had no issues. 5 mins of KoA:RR and I am like “whoa.”

Another one that got me was Sea of Thieves. Riding on a boat? Yeah, no go!

No issues with No Man’s Sky and even Minecraft. Its so odd and so random.