King Arthur: Legends Rise - hero collector/gacha- OBT 29th June

For anyone looking about for a new hero collector to try, I’ve been following development of this one.
Upcoming hero collector/gacha game with a King Arthur theme. Open beta set to start on the 29th of June 2023.

Uses Unreal Engine 5 and looks very pretty, with a lot of details on character models.
There’s a few youtube videos from people who were in closed beta - it looks to have quite a few similarities to Raid: Shadow Legends, hopefully with better drop rates :smiley:

Looks like they will have a Steam/PC client as well as mobile.

Pre-register is on their site

I’ll be giving it a try at least, I don’t mind a good hero collector, graphics are nice - CBT testers have commented that the shared resource/Vigor system used in CBT wasn’t great, but devs seem to have taken that on board - shall see how OBT goes.

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Checking it out, thanks!