Kinda crickets in here, but looking to try PVP

Realize this is kinda a dead game here, but after playing many many hrs on a home private server, I’m looking to try some light pvp. Does anyone in the guild still run or is associated with a private /unofficial pvp server where I could get a recommend? Currently slogging it out on an official, but, you know… its official, not really wanting to waste my time. Thanks!

It’s not dead, there are still plenty of people playing off and on, but mostly we’re waiting for the next expansion.

As far as PvP goes, there is very little interest in comparison to PvE, but maybe someone can pipe up who has some experience with it. @djoneser ?

Thanks! I looked at the Wozz stuff and the AGS. May give them a try, looking for more vanilla, less mods.

Wozz’s stuff is run by me nowadays, and I’ve shut all of it down for now. Waiting for Genesis, because no one was really playing anymore anyway.

Roger that, thanks for the update.

Not many OTG were into PvP in ARK.
The bit that I did run was on officials, where at least on the PvP servers there are not pillars or some such every 20 yards.
Ran on official and rag maps some, tried soloing in PvP, which is a living in the shadows kinda thing, and tried making bases with a partner, doing the defender bit. Some fun, but a lot of work to keep rebuilding. I heard from some in larger alpha tribes that the time demands can be onerous, similar to heaving raiding guilds, all scheduled.
Personally, I am done with ARK, uninstalled it all and not planning to purchase updates. PvP was a lot of passive aggressive stuff, unless you were actually assaulting or defending a base, not like CS or other FPS.