Khajiiti Statue for Gifting Furnishings - July 2019 (June24 - Aug 1) - crown store

Bethesda is back with another Crown promotional for gifting accounts. Gift two different accounts with a total of 1,000 crowns to acquire the statue for your residence.

To ensure you qualify for the reward, here’s what you need to know:

  • Gifting must occur between 2:00AM EDT today June 24, 2019, and 2:00AM EDT on August 1, 2019.
  • You must send a furnishings gift to at least two different individual accounts via the Housing Editor or the Furniture section of the Crown Store.
  • The total value of all gifts must be at least 1,000 Crowns or more on the same platform and region.
    • Note: NOT 1,000 Crowns per gift, but 1,000 Crowns total. Two individual gifts that are valued at 500 Crowns each would count, as would three gifts each valued at 400 Crowns to three different acounts. However, if you sent a gift worth 500 Crowns on the PC NA server and another worth 500 Crowns on the Xbox One NA server, it would not count.
  • You will receive your Senche-raht statue collectible by August 16, 2019