KFC will have 5 weapon skins

It’s on wowhead and other game sites.

KFC is going to have 5 weapon skins for Diablo 4 if you haven’t heard yet.

Buy first sandwich , use qrcode , create KFC account , link your battlenet account , get first skin

buy 4 more? sandwich via online or app, which I can’t seem to get installed, and get the other 4 skins.

promotion begins 29th May thru 02 July or something like that.

read this on wowhead a few hours back

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I found the Upcoming KFC Promotion Includes Diablo 4 In-Game Rewards on the Wowhead website from 14-days ago, but there are no pictures of what the weapon skins look like.

here’s the link ( News , 1day ago)

If only they had gone with Taco Bell :frowning:

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Do you know if they’ll be unique codes, or can like 1 of us take that bullet and share the codes? Take a heart attack for the team, so to speak.

from what I’ve watched ( few diablo 4 news videos ) you use the 1st QRcode

  1. create a KFC account
  2. Link your battlenet to your KFC account
  3. you get the first skin … no idea if it’s sequential or random
  4. then with the purchase of 4 more sandwichs via the KFC online order tool or the mobile app … you would receive t he other 4 skins.

Personally I was gonna grab a couple but … that really seems alot when it comes to linking. I haven’t been to a KFC for like 15 years though.

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Thanks for the link.

They’re not too impressive or epic-looking, if you ask me. I don’t like KFC, so I certainly won’t be missing out on these. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I found them on wowhead, they’re meh, I’ll live. Also not a fan of KFC or fast food.

Hmm, I HATE dedicated store apps so will have to do a think on this one…had a quick look and that is a LOT of freaking overpriced chicken delivery orders for me. I don’t live near a KFC and when I have the itch I get a whole bucket and live off of it for a few days.

They have tasty coleslaw!

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I have one right down the street and placing online orders I don’t frequently do but I have. The part I’m not keen on is linking KFC to my BNet account. Just slap a code on a package and benefit off the 5 or 6 items I would have bought from you (kfc).


Exactly. Given how much security is baked into the BN login process, I would hate to have a fast food franchise with a slapped-on app have access to my account. I’ll pass. If they were smart they would just put the code on a receipt for a delivery and make each purchase worth certain points – ie if you order the Family Meal for 4 just give us the damn skins.

I’m all about “free” bling, but the skins here aren’t interesting enough for me to care. Wish they were more unique!

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Yeah, they really missed out on going all-in with actual fried chicken pieces as weapons/weapon components.

It’s all an elaborate why to get demographic information about it’s customers to sell to a marketing firm.

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I have little interest in skins for an ARPG game, not enough interest to buy KFC at any rate.

The reality being I have no budget for KFC right now or I’d probably go out and buy some :smirk:

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Funny that a KFC server is being slammed at the moment that i can’t link my accounts.

It’s not slammed, just use a different browser and turn off all ad blockers if you’re getting the 404. I had the same issue, ended up using Edge and stripping everything off of it. KFC/EA wants ALL of their trackers to get ALL of your info.

I really hate these types of giveaways especially since they are only available in one country for a game that launches globally🤬

Yeah i ended up doing it via my phone. I’m heading to KFC today for lunch today to see if it worked. I live in rural indiana so i’d be surprised if I get a code/credit in the app for it.