Key/Serial# and issues, oh my!

Hi all. Last night I tried to play SWTOR. Its been a while and have changed phones since then. Apparently I must have set up a mobile authenticator because they are asking for a Key to download game or even get into my Account on the Website. So I downloaded the App onto my phone and when I open it its asking me for a Serial#. I’m kinda stumped. Course, I can’t call them because no one is manning the phones. Any suggestions? Thanks :slight_smile:

Greetings and I had to deal with a similar issue just this last week or so. I decided to come back to SWTOR as well after a long absence and I still had one of the physical security keys attached to my account back from when the game first came out. The physical key stopped working long ago and I could not log into my account because I could not fill in the login section for the security key and, like you, when I tried to set up a mobile authenticator it asked for the serial number which I could not access because I could not log in.

The only thing you can do right now is what I did, you have to email their customer support and explain the situation. Your best bet is to request to have the current security authenticator from your account, that is what they did for me. It will take a little while to hear back from them, it was a little over a week after I emailed them that I got a response. But the situation got fixed quickly once I heard from support. You will need to email their support at:

One question, have you tried logging in with just your login name and password and leaving the security key spot blank? I believe the security key login part will always show up whether you have a key attached to the account or not and you can leave it blank when logging in if you have no security key attached to the account.

Like myself, welcome back to SWTOR hope they get you sorted out sooner rather than later.

Hi Ryukin. Yes I tried to log in with just my name and password but then I’m immediately directed to put in my Key. I sent them an email two days ago. Its not an emergency I just had an urge to log in to my characters and see what’s what. You know how that goes. :slight_smile:

When they finally get back with you we will be here. Come into discord and if I’m not there PM me or any of the officers for an invite.

Thank you elvis. Still waiting.

I’m confident they will reply to you, but it will take 7-10 days. On the support site there was an official blurb/post/what have you regarding support only being available through ingame tickets and email out of game and that the email response time is about 7-10 days which was spot on for their response to my email. After their first response to my email request I think it was about another two days for the issue to be resolved.