KDF Starbase Upgrade Plan

Afternoon all,

Well it looks like the last projects needed to get the three tiers for the SB done will be started today and finished tomorrow morning.

So just wanted to make a quick post to see if anyone has a preference to the order of the upgrades to be slotted.

As of now I am thinking: Military, Science, Engineering and then the Starbase itself. But I am not tied into this order. So if you prefer some other order speak up.


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Nice going! :+1:

Just my 2 cents go science first because IIRC that opens up the elite hanger pets so we don’t have to spam in chat for invites anymore. Then probably military to open up fleet variants? Not sure on that one but I am confident on the pets though.

Welp… ummm… call me impatient… sorta kinda… But after I checked this post earlier, I ended up going with military first. But on the other hand, Science is up next. and I’ve been hording FM, Credits and Dil for these. So the military should be on count down with in the hour…


Mith the impatient

Np fleet variants are important too. Since you can get fleet modules through the rep system many people should want the fleet variant options. Moreover, since Science is next I am hoping we get both cleared before New Years.

Oh it will be done way before them. I can guarantee it. I have been preparing for these projects since the last Gamma Recruit event. I imagine that all three of the sub projects will be done by the end of November, the SB upgrade project itself might drag out a bit though I wasn’t quite prepared for the Dil requirements for all 4 of the projects all together.


Science Tier Upgrade on Countdown. Engineering is slotted up behind it now.


I see it ty Myth. At this point we essentially caught up to the FED side. We are fleet variant capable, full dil discount and extra daily dil mining, we have access to all (IMO only) necessary items in colony. Once the timer is done we have elite pet capability so yeah think we are good atm.

Science Upgrade finished today. Engineering Upgrade came up and I had just enough left to put it on countdown. Starbase Upgrade is slotted up next. That is probably going to drag out. I’ll see what I can do to bang out some resources for it.


Ty Myth and no rush. Everything that anyone would need from the SB is available now. Since the science upgrade is finished we now have access to elite hanger pets so no need to queue in NoP anymore. All fleet variants are also available, the other upgrades just give fluff.

Oh, I know. It’s just my OCD. I think I have most of the dill needed for the SB upgrade at this point. I just need to wait for it to be refined.


The KDF Starbase Upgrade is now on countdown as of today.


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