KDF Invite please

I somehow missed the invite Saturday. Do they time out after awhile?

My Klingon is Koluh@etdunn


I tried again, and it says you are already invited. So I don’t know how to help :frowning:


I did see an invite window, but it was blank and clicking it did nothing

Just found where I moved the window, it is blank for who invited me, and it will not take a click on accept or decline, odd

Ok, I have a private fleet NAR Industries. I sent an invite to you from there. Accept it and then leave the fleet. Hopefully that will clear up the invite from OTG. Just let us know here once you leave it. And one of us will reinvite you.


I have no invite window now, the one that did nothing finally went away. Not sure if that is good or bad, but I restarted my computer and am now logged in. would like another invite but feel bad about taking so much of your time

Logging off now. Perhaps I will have better luck Monday or Tuesday. Let me know when is the best time to trouble you.

Just got back. So it let me send the invite from the OTG KDF Fleet again. Let me know if your able to accept it.


OK. I just got and declined a random invite, looks like it is working

Ready and waiting for invite

I think I misunderstood… maybe you already sent the invite… will it show the OTG name or is there a more Klingon style name?

When we made the guild on Klingon side the system would not let us use OTG in any form so we went with Klingon and named it;

Tuq Shakhu: which translates ≈ older clan

Ah, totally forgot that that can confuse people since it’s not called OTG…

Anyway I see that you are in :smiley:

Play Neverwinter more but STO a couple times a month. :+1: