KDF Invite Please for Belisarius@AAetius

I am returning to St Trek Online after a 7 year break.
I am a current KDF Fleet member on NAOMI@AAetius
I created a new Romulan Charater, Belisarius@AAetius
Belisarius has been bound to the KDF Faction

I also used to play World of Tanks (OTG Chapter)
I also used to play Eve Online (OTG Chapter)

I was on the old forums.
I work 60-92 Hours a week. 2 jobs. Bought a house in November, Got married 4 years ago, Have a 2 year old daughter. I am 34 years old.

Hey there AAetius,

I do remember you from Eve Online though I tended to be a silent player within it. I believe according to the rules I need to wait for you to become blue again before I can invite your new Character. I will wait to see if @Benbrada pipes in about that or not since you already have a Character in the fleet.


Correct. I forgot the current procedure to do that, need to research, or maybe @Hashberry can refresh my memory.


It looks like @Mithinar has been taken care of, I see that oh so pretty blue color. For the FYI: There is a thread (link below), where an old member can request their blue member status back. Membership will take it from there!

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It actually wasn’t for me. But @AAetius, @Hashberry. But either way that link will be helpful to him.


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Thanks! I really should re-caffeinate before posting…

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I’m sorry I don’t see any link

The link is in the forum thread name in the section Hashberry quoted. But you already posted in that thread about 2 days ago Dani. So my guess is they are going to research the information you put in your post. Now @AAetius has to post over there as well for them to work on verifying him.


Ok I posted over there too now

Ok your blue again. I’ll pop in soonish and send the invite. Just remember to put your Forum name in the notes section of the roster.


Invite was sent to this Character. Let me know when you accept it here and I’ll promote him to member level.


Ok thanks! Got a little confused, as far as I know I have only posted in the one place once, then I got that notification. Unless I did something wrong I’m not sure lol


Character has been Promoted. Everything is completed.


I guess I accidentally ended up tagged in this somehow? Iol not sure

I’m just dropping in to vouch for Dani’s reinstatement. She joined us back around 2016 when we were playing H1Z1. I know her in real life and she’s hoping to get reactivated.

@BuzWeaver You might want to go put your recommendation in this thread for Dani.

This thread was for a completed request for a KDF Fleet invite in STO. And not sure if @Hashberry will see it here. Without his @ name being used. /whistle


Her :wink: And no, I probably wouldn’t have seen it. I’ll follow up on the application questions request.

I asked her to link me to her post and this was what she provided me.

Membership has reached out to her.

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