Kdf fleet

Looking to see if the kdf is still playing. Was hoping to get a invite to it.

Sure thing, please give us your character@account.


That gives me an error:

Can you verify that both the character name and the STO account name are correct?

You might have a #XXXX after your handle… they added that to new account names a few years ago.

Also the character cannot be in the tutorial, and if it is a Jem’Hadar or Romulan you must have chosen a faction or you will get that error as well.


Aren’ToQ@Eagle995. Try it that way? Also i can message ig if needed.

@Mithinar We chatted and he says he’s xbox, is there cross play to your knowledge?

Nope they are in a completely different instance of the game. That’s one of the reasons events tend to occur a month or so later on the console server than on the PC server.

And as far as I know there are no Console OTG Fleets. At least not that we support.